Breaking! Yatsenyuk Announces Resignation. Ukraine On the Brink? France Recognizes Novorossia?

This is the latest from Kiev: prime minister of Ukraine Yatsenyuk just announced his resignation. His resignation will be discussed in the Rada on April 12. Last time he attempted this, it was reje…

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How Russian aircraft will defend themselves from terrorist attacks … by American-made weapons ~ [about Syria’s MiG-21 downed]

Syrian MiG-21 was downed by MANPAD shot near Kafr Nabudah on March 12, 2016 at 2.41 p.m. The aircraft was performing airspace control tasks

It is now 100% clear: the U.S. are providing MANPADS or other SAMs (surface-to-air-missiles) to the mercenaries of al-Nusra Front and associated terrorist gangs. This is also a way by which the U.S…

Source: How Russian aircraft will defend themselves from terrorist attacks … by American-made weapons ~ [about Syria’s MiG-21 downed]

It’s western-backed “rebels” who are intentionally targeting civilians in Syria, not the Syrian government

The Lemniscat

We’ve been told repeatedly by western media how Assad is killing his own people but in fact it’s western sponsored terrorists who are intentionally targeting civilians in Syria [a], while the Syrian army has tried to prevent civilian casualties [b]. Below, I’ve listed with images, (where possible), just some of the car bombings, suicide and mortar attacks on civilian areas in Syria by so-called “Syrian rebels”. Thousands of Syrians have been killed or maimed in these terrorist attacks and instead of condemning the attacks western media has helped justify these crimes by reporting that the bombings were in “pro-government” or “pro-Assad” areas, as if people who support the Syrian government deserve to be blown to pieces or injured.

Is this the freedom the west is bringing Syria, freedom to be blown up when going to church or to the mosque, or when filling your car with petrol or walking to…

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The Douma Market Attack: a Fabricated Pretext for Intervention? ~ by Eric Draitser

The Wall Will Fall

The August 16, 2015 attack on a market in the Syrian town of Douma, just outside the capital Damascus, has caused international outrage. Condemnations of the Syrian government have poured in from seemingly all corners of the globe as President Assad and the Syrian military have been declared responsible for the attack, convicted in the court of media opinion. Interestingly, such declarations have come well before any investigation has been conducted, and without any tangible evidence other than the assertions of the rebel spokespersons and anti-government sources. Indeed, there has been an embarrassing dearth of investigative questions asked as corporate media, who have been far from objective these last four and half years, have rushed to fit the facts to their long-standing narrative of “Assad the Butcher.”

This author fully understands that, in asking difficult questions, he will be called an “apologist,” an “Assad propagandist,” or some other such nonsense…

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Victims of USA & NATO wars forced to flee their countries called ‘swarms of marauding people’ by Western warmongering politicians


Victims of Western wars forced to flee their countries called ‘swarms of marauding people’ by Western warmongering politicians

Several people were injured when hundreds of men, women and children tried to board a train to Serbia, the nearest country to the European Union (EU) member-state of Hungary, at the station of Gevgelija in Macedonia, Friday.

The ‘immigration crisis’ in Europe continues to worsen as a result of Western-instigated chaos in the Middle East and African countries. Several EU nations are facing a drastic influx of desperate people, with little resources available to help them.

Approximately 39,000 migrants, mostly Syrians, passed through Macedonia in July – twice June’s figures. This is an alarming number and Macedonia is running out of trains to transport these people onward to the European Union. Not that they will fare much better there. On Thursday the country declared a state of emergency and Macedonian…

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Zakharchenko sez that the DNR Would Accept Any Other Ukrainian Oblast that Wants to Join It

Voices from Russia

00 zakharchenko and kobzon. 21.04.15


In a LifeNews interview, DNR Chairman of the Government A V Zakharchenko stated, “If any other Ukrainian oblast wants to join hands with the DNR, the People’s Republic would welcome them. Any part of the Ukraine can join with the DNR… we’d welcome any of the fraternal republics… Kharkov, Zaporozhe, Lvov, Odessa, Kiev, and others. The country would be reborn. On the Maidan, the activists shouted that the Ukraine needed to fight corruption; it led to violence in the country… nothing changed. Meanwhile, in the DNR, our people built a new state with their own hands. Here, we have a rebirth of the state. We’re doing what they shouted about on the Maidan. As the DNR was as a unifying force in Novorossiya, we’d be able to amalgamate those republics and regions that wish to join us. We welcome all our friends and even our erstwhile enemies”.

In addition, Zakharchenko noted that the DNR…

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If Saudi offenders go unpunished, controlling Iranian sentiments would be difficult

Oftentimes when people speak of Saudi Arabias’ power and influence over world leaders they speak in terms of oil and petro-dollars. A much less discussed topic is the kings role as custodian of the two most holy sites in Islam. Granting access to Mecca and Medina has and currently is based on political considerations. In addition to this leverage there appears to be a reluctance on the part of everyday Moslems to publically criticize the rulers in Riyadh for fear associated with their one day taking part in the obligatory pilgrimage known as the Hajj. In 2012 when the Saudi king denied entry to Syrians due to KSA political disagreements with the Syrian government, this produced a destabilizing effect with many blaming Assad. Even now the threats from Riyadh of denying entry for a countries citizenry carries far reaching implications which tend to blur the lines between geo-politics and religion.
Recently their was a sexual assault upon two teenagers traveling home to Iran after completing a minor Hajj. In view of the political tensions that exist between the two governments particularly with regards to Irans peaceful nuclear program and the war of aggression being carried out on Yemen by Saudi, one cant help but ponder if this was not a deliberate and planned provocation perhaps to serve as a reminder to other world leaders of the disruptive role that a angry tyrannical king can play.

If Saudi offenders go unpunished, controlling Iranian sentiments would be difficult

The Supreme Leader’s representative for Hajj affairs says that if Saudi Arabia fails to punish those who sexually abused Iranian teens, Iran is likely to make a new decision on Hajj.


The director of the Iranian Hajj and Pilgrimage Organization has condemned the sexual harassment of two Iranian teenagers at the hands of Saudi police, saying those behind the abuse should be given the harshest penalty.

Seyyed Ali Ghazi Asgar said that the continuation of trips to Saudi Arabia by Iranian pilgrims for the Minor Hajj is tied to what measures Saudi officials take in response to the sexual abuse, – an Iranian news website – reported on Saturday.

If Saudi officials fail to properly and severely deal with the case, the continuation of pilgrimage trips will not be expedient for Iran and Iranians, he said.

He went on to say that the obscene act, at Jeddah airport, of Saudi officials who are supposed to ensure people’s security is condemnable, adding that the toughest punishments should be handed down to the violators.

Ghazi Asgar, who is also the Supreme Leader’s representative for Hajj affairs, further said that Saudi officials have vowed that the abusers will be punished severely, adding that we are waiting to see that happen.

The unprecedented, indecent act of Saudi police has hurt the sentiments of the Iranian people, he said, adding that if the harassment of Saudi police go unpunished it will be very tough to contain Iranian feelings, and that Iran is likely to make a different decision.

He then said that officials at the Hajj and Pilgrimage Organization and Foreign Ministry have taken action since the very beginning of the incident and have repeatedly lodged official, written protest [with the Saudi officials].

The Hajj official further said that Iranian officials have since traveled to Saudi Arabia and entered talks with officials there, calling for a swift investigation into the harassment and severe punishment for the violators.

Saudi officials and Jeddah police have investigated the case, provided the required documents and eventually identified and arrested those involved in the violation, Ghazi Asgar said.

On March 28, two Iranian teenagers were sexually harassed by police officers at the airport in Jeddah as they were coming back to Iran after carrying out the Minor Hajj.