Forget about Iran! Forget about Hezbollah! Israel is under Attack! (By Rats)

Occupied Palestine | فلسطين

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Febr 9, 2012 | by occpal

No this is not my choice of headline, it was an actual headline of the all knowing hasbara tabloid Ynet. Below the article as published in Ynet 02.08.12, 20:11 by Reuven Weiss.

YNet | Febr 8, 2012

Forget about Iran; for time being, army struggling to cope with rat-infested military base

Forget about Iran and Hezbollah: For the time being, the IDF Home Front command is having trouble contending with a much more urgent problem – a rat-infested southern base.

The Beersheba base, which is home mostly to female soldiers, has been facing a rat assault for five months now, Yedioth Ahronoth reported Wednesday.

It’s terrible. They swarm the offices, the bedrooms, the dinning hall and the sewage system,” one soldier at the base said. The troops have complained to various officials…

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