5 Vans of Weapons Bound for Terrorists, seized by SAA

Friends of Syria

Al-Muslimiyya: 5 vans loaded with weapons bought by Saudi Arabian were either stopped or destroyed in this painful operation for the rat terrorists.


Al-Mansoora Village: An attempt to infiltrate into large SAA-controlled Al-Layramoon was another disaster for J.N. 19 rodents counted dead. All foreign.


Baab Al-Nayrab: At the Al-Haawooz Roundabout, 11 rats killed. All foreigners. No Syrians in this Liwaa` Al-Islam group. See map for Karam Al-Qasr above.

Khaan Al-’Asal: SAA siezed 52 vehicles belonging to J.N. and FSA here.


Kuwayris Village: Fighting with no details.

‘Arbeed: Ditto.

Al-Judayda: Ditto.

Al-Shaykh Najjaar Industrial Area: Liberated a few days ago by SAA. Some remant rodents got a hankering for another drubbing and got exactly what they wanted. 5 killed.

Huraytaan: 8 rodents killed from the J.N. All foreign.

Haddaadeen: South Aleppo. Confirmed 12 rats killed by SAA and SAF.


Khawaabi` Al-’Asal: (The Casks of Honey). Nice name…

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