In these times of global chaos and upheaval, with  world maps being being redrawn at an unprecedented rate, catasophres of epic poroortion and the ever present manifesto of war  inflicted upon us; the story of a single individual can become lost like  the sound of a flute amidst the cacophony of a hurricane.
Yet upon closer examination a single individual can be represenative of a much larger whole.
Like a hologram where the whole can be recreated from a single beam. A fractal unseen.
For this examination, I will tell the story of a tale of horrendous violation of human rights and an egregious display of duplicity practiced against a Russian citizen at the brutal hands of a despotic tyranny.
The story of disregard of international law and conventions  with a lack of compassion or even common decency.
The story of  highly questionable charges and a procedure of arrest with a rendition signature and the  torture. The malevolent breach of international accords and deprivation of due process. While members of obamas regime spew “concern” for humanitarian issues; a man in their control lays dying and is being witheld medical care.
Perhaps it is represenative of the type of hostility towards Russia herself and the injustices and the unilateral abbrogation of treaties and agreements which had designed by adults to produce a stable level of deterrence.
The Konstantin Yaroshenko case is a study of the obstruction of justice by placing requirements on a ad hoc basis with no regard for precedent. Always a new round of arbitrary and capricious red tape that has molded with the  fungus of inhumanity.
Like a dungeon from the medivial times of an archaic past; sits Fort Dix, in the state of New Jersey where a man is being suffocated from his country and family for what could only be characterized as a sinister display of tyranny.
Having adopted an alien ideaology foreign to our constitution the obama regime continues to  be consistently inconsistent. 



Saudi Royal Family Wanted For International Terrorism’ Leadership

the real Syrian Free Press




A Report from the Director of Statedepartment.com



“I summon my blue-eyed slaves anytime it pleases me. I command the Americans to send me their bravest soldiers to die for me. Anytime I clap my hands a stupid genie called the American Ambassador appears to do my bidding. When the Americans die in my service their bodies are frozen in metal boxes by the US Embassy and American airplanes carry them away, as if they never existed. Truly, America is my favorite slave.” — King Fahd Bin Abdul-Aziz, Jeddeh 1993

“The American soldiers are a new kind of foreign worker here. We have Pakistanis driving taxis and now we have Americans defending us.” — Saudi teacher

“If I can do this to American Vietnam Veterans, I can do it to you. What chance do…

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Westliche Medien, wie die Tagesschau, hetzen weiter gegen Syrien, die Opfer verschweigen sie systematisch #Syria

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Es ist noch nicht so lange her wo ein westlicher Millionenverdummungs-Spiegel-Journalist in den Kalamoun-Bergen war.

Er hat die Schlacht um Kalamoun schöngeschrieben, die Halsabschneider weißgewaschen und sie in einer Fotostrecke gezeigt.

Hier sind sie nun in erneut von ihrer “Besten” Seite, ich werde sie nicht weißwaschen, ich gehöre nicht zu den Regime-Change-Bezahl-BND-CIA-ARD-CNN-Journalisten welche mit Todesschwadronen in Syrien herumzogen und ab und zu noch herumziehen und Kriegsverbrecher in den höchsten Tönen loben.

Ungeschönt von den Kumpanen westlicher Medien und Geheimdienste offengelegt:

Die Jabhat al Nusra zusammen mit “FSA”!

US-unterstützte Mörderbanden in Yabroud US-unterstützte Mörderbanden in Yabroud

Und wie es aussieht war das Opfer ein Zivilist welchen sie als Spion bezeichnen.



Und damit das Verbrechen nicht verschwindet, das dazugehörige Foto zu Dokumentation von weiteren Verbrechen der Qalamoun-Mörder-Brigaden welche sich unteranderem auch aus Mettelsiefens schöngeschriebenen…

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Syria’s first British suicide bomber [VIDEO]

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Syria Solidarity Movement

Feb 15, 2014, Channel 4 News

A jihadist group released a so called “marytrdom video” of the last moments of the man suspected of being the first British suicide bomber in Syria.


Pictures emerge of ‘British suicide bomber’ posing with Syrian children

Feb 14, 2014, The Guardian

Abdul Waheed Majeed with Syrian children in a photo said to have been taken at a refugee camp on the border with Turkey. Photograph: PA
Abdul Waheed Majeed with Syrian children in a photo said to have been taken at a refugee camp on the border with Turkey. Photograph: PA
Pictures of a man believed to be the first Briton to carry out a suicide bomb attack in Syria have emerged showing him smiling with local children.

In one of the photographs, Abdul Waheed Majeed, 41, from Crawley, West Sussex, is seen wearing Minnie Mouse ears while he cuddles a girl and in another he kneels as children around him give the peace sign. The pictures were sent by Majeed from Syria to his…

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The Criminal Record of the Head of the Syrian National Coalition – Jarba

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Author: Seth Ferris
NEO – New Eastern Outlook


In an attempt to “settle” the Syrian crisis Washington and Riyadh has put forward a negotiator – the President of the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces Ahmad Jarba. But it seems that today there’s a few people who do remember the story of Ahmad’s rise to “prominence”. A former felon, he was detained for drugs smuggling in Saudi Arabia and later transferred to Syria under convoy.  In Syria Ahmad Jabra started running disorderly houses, and later on he was hired for the assassination of the runaway Qatari Minister of Foreign Affairs, but instead of killing his target he charged ex-Minister for “alarming him”. 

The impending rise of Ahmad-al-Jarba to national leadership is disturbing but not unexpected. It is part of a distinct pattern. The same Western powers which are still engaged in a “war on terror” are perfectly happy to use terrorists for their…

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