Jan. 31, 1943 -Stalingrad-(Volgograd)-
After having promoted the General in command of German forces to the rank of Field Marshal -Hitler reminded him “no Field Marshal of the Reich has ever surrendered”- with the clear warning that defeat was not an option.
Outmanned, outgunned and facing a deficit of air superiority of two to one the Russians essentialy sealed the defeat of Nazi Germany when they achieved victory. The costs were staggering in human as well as material terms. Later at the conference in Tehran; Churchill awarded the Sword of Stalingrad to Stalin in recognition of the enormity of the sacrifices made.
Has World War lll begun where World War ll ended?
The recent terrorist attacks in Volgograd were orchestrated in such a way as to provide a reason for deploying nato/US  naval assets into the Black Sea in a provocative challenge in Vladamir Putins realm of geo security.
This deployment was not invited nor welcomed by the Kremlin.
What would be the goal of this strategic maneuver?
Clearly through this lens the terrorism in Volgograd perpetrated by a controlled terrorist leader; Prince Bandar bin Sultan; can be seen as a false flag operation. Set into motion by the fourth Reich in a diabolical design to herald their arrival?
Just as Hitler purged the German military; so too has the new Fureugh decimated the high command of the US military and has systematicaly imposed draconian regulations within the enlisted ranks.
With an informational control mechanism or strategic weapon of mass deception (controlled mass media) #MK that Gobbels would be proud of; the goyim/public  will have been duped once again.
Just as the Rothschild criminal banking cabal started World War ll from behind the green curtain so too the coming economic collapse  of this banking empire propels this new world war which has already begun.

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