Terrorists Fired Mortar Shells on Residential Neighbourhoods

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24 citizens were injured, including women and children, by mortar shells fired by terrorists on the schools and the residential neighborhoods in Jaramana city in Damascus Countryside.

A source at the Police Command told that mortar shells landed on the neighborhoods of al-‪#‎Janaein‬, al-‪#‎Jamaiat‬, al-‪#‎Rawda‬, al-‪#‎Talaleh‬‪#‎Daf_al_Sakher‬, al-‪#‎Baedar‬, al-‪#‎Bassel‬ street and a number of schools in Jaramana, causing the injury of 24 citizens.

The source added that one of the shells fell on Martyr Hassan Basher School, causing the injury of 2 children, while another shell landed on martyr Walid Jaber School, causing material damage to its building.

The source pointed out that the terrorist attacks caused large material damage to the citizens’ houses and shops.

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