Saudi-US Lovechild of Terror Running Amuck: Academic

the disintegration

the real Syrian Free Press

The terrorist al-Qaeda group, a creation of the US and Saudi Arabia, has now expanded into “diverse offspring” that vie in an “implosive rift” for power in the Middle East, says an academic, Press TV reports.


“Extremism was their goal and intellectual perversion was what they utilized in order to sow the seeds of extremism and dry up the roots of true faith,” writes Salami. Above, several militants are seen in Syria.

“Originally established by Washington in Afghanistan during the military occupation of the country by Soviet Union, it was called al-Qaeda, meaning ‘base’,”

wrote Dr. Ismail Salami in an op-ed titled “Deconstructing al-Qaeda: A force in periphery” on Press TV’s website on Thursday.

“Soon, the group was expanded under the aegis of the CIA and Saudi-funded Pakistani intelligence agency (ISI) in order to oust the Soviet forces from the region and safeguard the interests of the US government,”…

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