The Criminal Record of the Head of the Syrian National Coalition – Jarba

the real Syrian Free Press

Author: Seth Ferris
NEO – New Eastern Outlook


In an attempt to “settle” the Syrian crisis Washington and Riyadh has put forward a negotiator – the President of the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces Ahmad Jarba. But it seems that today there’s a few people who do remember the story of Ahmad’s rise to “prominence”. A former felon, he was detained for drugs smuggling in Saudi Arabia and later transferred to Syria under convoy.  In Syria Ahmad Jabra started running disorderly houses, and later on he was hired for the assassination of the runaway Qatari Minister of Foreign Affairs, but instead of killing his target he charged ex-Minister for “alarming him”. 

The impending rise of Ahmad-al-Jarba to national leadership is disturbing but not unexpected. It is part of a distinct pattern. The same Western powers which are still engaged in a “war on terror” are perfectly happy to use terrorists for their…

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