Understand the Bigger Picture of Syria, History With An Agenda

the real Syrian Free Press

Many of you can see through the eyes of the media you chose to follow about the crisis in Syria. Many of you believe the overated propaganda that hundreds of channels or papers place out there meant to sway public opinion. But to understand the truth of a situation, you must first study the history of the situation. In lays the truth and lies in what is known as a media war. Understanding how Syria rose, and what she is going through right now is the most vital tool to fight with fact, not fiction. 

These are 3 articles written by Ghassan Kadi

From the blog site “Intibah Wakeup” 

June 2011

The Anti-Syrian Cocktail


Prince Bandar Bin Sultan is the son of the Saudi crown prince, but he seems to run his political life on the basis of having a state within a state. He is a rogue prince, but with…

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