In these times of global chaos and upheaval, with  world maps being being redrawn at an unprecedented rate, catasophres of epic poroortion and the ever present manifesto of war  inflicted upon us; the story of a single individual can become lost like  the sound of a flute amidst the cacophony of a hurricane.
Yet upon closer examination a single individual can be represenative of a much larger whole.
Like a hologram where the whole can be recreated from a single beam. A fractal unseen.
For this examination, I will tell the story of a tale of horrendous violation of human rights and an egregious display of duplicity practiced against a Russian citizen at the brutal hands of a despotic tyranny.
The story of disregard of international law and conventions  with a lack of compassion or even common decency.
The story of  highly questionable charges and a procedure of arrest with a rendition signature and the  torture. The malevolent breach of international accords and deprivation of due process. While members of obamas regime spew “concern” for humanitarian issues; a man in their control lays dying and is being witheld medical care.
Perhaps it is represenative of the type of hostility towards Russia herself and the injustices and the unilateral abbrogation of treaties and agreements which had designed by adults to produce a stable level of deterrence.
The Konstantin Yaroshenko case is a study of the obstruction of justice by placing requirements on a ad hoc basis with no regard for precedent. Always a new round of arbitrary and capricious red tape that has molded with the  fungus of inhumanity.
Like a dungeon from the medivial times of an archaic past; sits Fort Dix, in the state of New Jersey where a man is being suffocated from his country and family for what could only be characterized as a sinister display of tyranny.
Having adopted an alien ideaology foreign to our constitution the obama regime continues to  be consistently inconsistent. 



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