12 March 2014. From the Russian Web… Short… But to the Point

Voices from Russia

00 Weeping Icon of St Anna. 12.03.14


I saw this on a rather SECULAR Russian website:

It’s amazing, but many icons started to exude myrrh in Russian and Ukrainian churches and monasteries. At all times, a myrrh-gushing icon is a formidable sign calling people to repentance. The last time such phenomena happened in both Russia and the Ukraine was before the October Revolution and before the collapse of the USSR. What could this be if not God’s warning?

I had a chance to bow before the weeping icon of St Anna at St T’s this Memorial Day. Why are the icons weeping? I have no bloody idea, but this phenomenon has never portended good in Orthodox history. The collapse of the Ukrainian kleptocrat greedster state shall not be nice or be painless. I can see massive suffering and ruin… even if the situation avoids outright war. Russian forces just shot down two American drones in Crimean…

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