How jealous of you I am
You owned the purest people of the east
You have been perfumed by all the fragrances
of heroism and sacrifice of the east.
They were the fidelity and the flame,
That carved on your walls
That you Cyndi Hospital
The idol for them all
You were for all those unknown soldiers

Yet Gods watchful eye that never sleeps has
Been watching them over.
Their spiritual souls disdain but to write
The greatest heroism raising the right

For you martyrs injured at large and captives
For you all. For your fidelity and generosity
The honest bow
Alas my love, alas my soul now we are prisoners
Both. I ask you to free me from being your unchained

When you loved your country which now in
Turn you are its captive. By your soul, by your
Love I will be stronger. By your voice which in
My ear whispers “don’t be afraid you are the heroes foster.”

For you Bonyan, for you my treasure you have been
Believed in your case of purity and heroism you are the base.
You are the free and we are the prisoners, I bet.
Your keywords, morals and your sacrifices were an explosion
Belt passed all the fences by and no one could prevent.
Bombing the prayers in each pure heart, letting them rise up high
In the sky.

Talking proudly about you making the talk of the town is you.
Congratulations for each one, by loving you has been burned.
Everyone gone over with you should be glad and you
Cyndi Hospital must be glad. Though I am glad but just give me
My son Bonyan back. Your Mum.

In loving memory of BONYAN BADR WANNOUS and his ten brothers who were martyred Jan. 2014 while defending Syria at al-Kindi hospital.



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