President al-Assad inspects situation of displaced people at al-Dweir shelter in Adra

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Mar 12, 2014
Damascus, (SANA) President Bashar al-Assad affirmed Wednesday that the state is going ahead with combating terrorism and the terrorists who have forced citizens out of their houses and perpetrated hideous crimes against them.

The President’s affirmation came during inspecting the situation of displaced people at al-Dweir makeshift center in Adra, Damascus Countryside.

President al-Assad toured places where the displaced families are staying and listened to their needs and conditions of their stay.

He stressed that the state continues providing basic requirements of the displaced families until everybody returns home whether those in Adra or in any other place.


President Assad Tours Shelters for Displaced outside Damascus

Local Editor

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad made on Wednesday a rare trip outside the capital to meet people displaced by the country’s three-year-old crisis.

“President Assad is inspecting conditions for the displaced in Damascus province,” state television said.

President Assadd (photo from archive)
“President Assad is touring shelters for…

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