Dr. Bashar Al‬-‪‎Jaafari‬: ‪‎Syria‬ committed to treaties on ‪‎children‬’s rights

Friends of Syria

New York, (SANA) – #Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN Dr. Bashar al-#Jaafari affirmed that the ‪Syrian‬ government is committed to international treaties and conventions on children’s rights which it joined and ratified early, particularly the Convention on the Rights of the ‎Child and its two optional protocols.


During a Security Council session on children in times of wars and conflicts held on Friday, al-Jaafari pointed out that Syria has always been a pioneer in tending to the needs of children, supporting their rights, and protecting them, particularly in terms of providing free education and medical services, noting that UN reports spanning decades testify to this.

“Unfortunately, the crisis in Syria produced extremist phenomena that contradict the Syrian values of moderation, and Syrian children were the first to be affected by them.

“These aberrant phenomena were brought by mercenaries and takfiris sent from across the world to impose dark Wahabi…

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