An American Monastic in the Ukraine Speaks Up: This Weekend Critical

Voices from Russia

00 Orthodox people in  Yalta. 11.03.14

Orthodox believers near Yalta in the Crimea


This Sunday is going to be a very important one for us here in the Ukraine. If the vote in the Crimea is in favour of closer ties with Russia and no longer to be tied to Kiev and the Ukraine, Fr Daniel and I, as well as the nuns in this monastery and the monastery itself, could face provocative reactions by Ukrainian nationalists (with the non-canonical Kiev Patriarchate), the Banderovtsy, as well as others who sided with the Nazis during World War II. Fr Daniel and I are Americans; all the nuns here at the monastery are Ukrainian, and speak Ukrainian amongst themselves, but they can also speak Russian. Kiev is the birthplace of Rus, which connects the Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus together with a common heritage, culture, and Orthodox faith. Twenty-five years ago, the language spoken in common by these three countries was Russian. Between…

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