The Ukraine Pulls Economic Terrorism on the Crimea through Power Cuts… Ukie Neofascists Rob Russian Passengers on Train… Russian and Ukrainian Americans Join Hands at the UN to Fight Fascism

Nulands nazi regime in Kiev orders the “sanctions” on electricity on advice from bibi who said “it works for us in Gaza”. It seems as though nazis everywhere use same methodologies.

Voices from Russia

00 Odessa protest. 23.03.14

“With Russia… Together!” Patriot march in Odessa against the junta


Republic of Crimea (RK) First Deputy Prime Minister Rustam Temirgaliyev said that the Ukraine cut electricity supplies to the Crimea by 50 percent. When they noticed a reduction in the power supplied, the Crimean Electric Power System carried out scheduled rolling blackouts in keeping with rules of procedure. According to Temirgaliyev, now, about 30 percent of the RK is blacked out, and there’s more to come. He added that if all the RK suffered a blackout, the situation would be even more difficult. Earlier, Igor Sluniayev, head of the Ministry of Regional Development, said that the 80 percent of the Crimea’s electricity comes from the Ukraine. He expressed confidence that the Ukrainian junta won’t go as far as triggering off a humanitarian crisis and that there won’t be any isolation of the Crimea from vital resources.


If you…

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