Citizens in Liwa Iskendrun protest Erdogan support to terrorist aggression on Syrian people

Mar 25, 2014


Antakya, SANA, Citizens of Harbiyat region in the usurped Liwa Iskendrun province took to streets on Tuesday to condemn and protest the support offered by Prime Minister of Justice and Development Government in Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan to the new aggression launched by terrorist groups on the Syrian people.


The protesters cut off the road in front of ambulances which were transporting the wounded terrorists, who had participated in the terrorist aggression on Kassab, to hospitals.

They expressed deep outrage and resentment of Erdogan’s support to the terrorists who shed the Syrian people’s blood.

SANA correspondent in Antakya said thousands of protesters raised placards and chanted slogans that denounce Erdogan’s government’s backing to the terrorist hostile war against Syria.


Ambulances which were transporting the injured terrorists were forced to stop due to the protest.

The same region also witnessed mass demonstration afternoon where participants raised the Syrian and Turkish flags, rejecting practices and policies of Erdogan and his government.  



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