YPG STATUS UPDATE (translated)

Turks driven out Kesap. Destroyed 7 terrorists from Azerbaijan

March 22 in connection with the tragedy of the Armenians Kesap Catholicos of Cilicia Aram I personally appealed to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad with a request to send a district Kesap additional forces to ensure the safety of local residents.

On the same day on behalf of al-Assad’s residence Aram I-th in Antelias visited the Syrian ambassador to Lebanon Ali Abdel-Karim Ali, who on behalf of the President assured that the Syrian army will do its utmost to deflect the Turkish aggression and restore peace in the area. Syrian diplomat confirmed the facts of direct participation in the organization of the Turkish military attacks by armed terrorists.
Kassab and to transfer heavy weapons. According to the diplomat, the Syrian army has suffered a loss, but managed to drop the militants not giving them the massacre of the Armenian population. The ambassador said that the Syrian people and the president is deeply respected Armenians consider them loyal citizens of the country, which the state is obliged to protect.

His word Syrian President. Directed to the area Kesap additional units of government troops with air support, as well as Armenian and Kurdish militias belonging to the People’s Committees, fighting on the side of the legitimate authorities of the country of terrorists knocked out most of the city, surrounding them in the area of ​​building the immigration service, and passport center office telecommunications company, against which the militants posed three days ago.

Currently we are trimming Kesap suburbs. It is reported that on the outskirts of the city, army units and national defense forces killed about 250 fighters advancing from the border with Turkey.
also reported that in the battles around Kesap was destroyed at least 13 terrorists of whom two – Anatolian Turks and the Seven – Caucasian. Destroyed by terrorists were part of the terrorist group “Islamic State of Iraq and Sham.” Their corpses filmed and posted on video sharing youtube Kurdish militia organization of YPG. Seized a large quantity of weapons and explosives, documents in Turkish and Arabic, bank cards issued by the Emirate of Qatar.






Thus, in total this year, Syrian government forces killed 61 terrorists from Azerbaijan. Previous mass death of Azerbaijani terrorists took place in the province of Sham, where for three days from 17 to 19 February, the Syrian government forces killed a total of 27 terrorists infiltrated into the country of Azerbaijan.

We remind you that the war in Syria has gone a large number of citizens of Azerbaijan, where they are fighting in the various Islamist terrorist groups. Over the past period in Syria was destroyed about 160 Azerbaijani terrorists. Pictures of many of them were distributed in social networks.


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