Palmyra – Bride of the Desert Fights for Survival

Dr. Franklin Lamb-#Palmyra

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Palmyra – a UNESCO World Heritage Site – located 215 km northeast of Damascus, Syria on Nov 9, 2011. Palmyra was a renowned city in the ancient Silk Road and once played a crucial role as the trade center between the East and the West. With a period of prosperity lasting more than three centuries, Palmyra is often regarded as the “Bride of the Desert”.[Photo/Xinhua]
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March 29,  2014  –
Even if one takes a public passenger van (the fare is just $ 7.50) and the driver is pro-Resistance, which he usually is, the trip takes only a bit more than half the time than with a more “normal” Lebanese van driver.This observer, seemingly ever miscalculates life’s realities.   For example, he deluded himself recently into believing that Hezbollah guys were about the wildest, luckiest and fastest drivers from the archeological sites in Baalbek in Lebanon’s…

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