Qadesh, Qedesh, Qetesh, Kadesh, Kedesh, Kadeš and Qades come from the common Semitic root “Q-D-Š”, which means “sacred.”

Qadesh and variations may refer to: Syrian Perspective QADESH ; A new name in the Syrian War, who are they and how do they work? ‪#‎QADESH‬ : In Arabic (قادش) is the acronym for this phrase : (قوات الأمن و الدعم الشعبي , Qowatt Al-Amn wa Al-Daa’m Al-Shaa’bi ), which means (Security and Popular Support Forces). Well trained Forces works under command of the Republican Guards – Syrian Arab Army. Desert Hawks – Assad Shield Forces – Al-Baath Brigades are all related to QADESH.

As they are described by one of their leaders : «The idea was born months ago, especially after the increase in the number of civilian collaborators with the Syrian army in the areas controlled by the opposition, and QADESH is the name chosen for this organization which is an acronym for« Security and Popular Support Forces ». “#Qadesh soldiers are deployed on all Syrian land, and their majorities are inside the areas controlled by the opposition, working behind enemy lines, some of whom works in secret. Our secret code summarizes the meaning of our existence in one short sentence, “Homeland or Death”.

QADESH was the solution for many special cases, of a mislead people who realized the facts recently, and civilians in areas controlled by the opposition, and also for some SAA soldiers who can not join their units for various reasons.
Well trained and organized forces most of their work is very special missions behind enemy lines, and they did have done many successful achievements in ‪#‎Dair_AlZour‬ ,‪#‎Maloula‬, ‪#‎Raqqah‬ ‪#‎Qunaitera‬, and ‪#‎Kasab



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