Why Russia is in no hurry to recognize Novorossia
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What is waiting for Moscow to Donetsk and Luhansk? Why not recognize their independence? Why not introduce the troops? After all, Putin made clear that Russia would intervene and protect Russian in Ukraine, if they will be exposed to genocide.


Let’s look at the current Ukrainian affairs very figuratively, from a great distance. Imagine a situation: sitting in a tavern two companies have a drink, a snack. And here and there – normal, intelligent, sensible people. A representative of one of the other suitable representative and asks:

– You can dance with your girl?

– Can.

Dancing. During the dance whispers in her ear all sorts of vulgarity, invites to sit at his table, trying to give free rein to his hands. But until all the more or less decent (for tavern).

Five minutes later, comes up again:

– You can even dance with your girl?

– You can not.

– Why?

– She does not want to … I do not want. Danced already uymis.

– You  so harsh? Come out and talk?

– Come on …

Facing the street.

– Well, what say you wanted to say.

– Those  sorry that I will dance with her or what?

– That’s my girl, I do not want you to dance with her.

– Or maybe I love her more. Let’s go ask her (puts his hand on the neck of the opponent).

– Get your hands off (removes the opponent’s arm from the neck).

– You react so human, man? Well I normally talk with you (puts his hand back).

– I said take away the hand (pushing on the chest).

Fight begins. Spilling onto the street, both companies are trying to separate the bullies. During the scuffle someone touches someone. Word for word and the fight becomes widespread … Sparkles knife … Who then turned himself in traumatic … Shooting … Blood … Corpses.

Почему Россия не спешит признавать Новороссию
Кирилл Воронков / @Всё подряд, @Избранное, Политика / 30.05.2014 / 54 Комментарии
Чего ждёт Москва от Донецка и Луганска? Почему не признает их независимость? Почему не введёт войска? Ведь Путин ясно давал понять, что Россия вмешается и защитит русских на Украине, если они подвергнутся геноциду.

Давайте взглянем на текущие украинские дела предельно образно, из далёкого далека. Представим ситуацию: сидят в кабаке две компании, выпивают, закусывают. И там и там — нормальные, интеллигентные, здравомыслящие люди. Представитель одной компании подходит к представителю другой и спрашивает:

— Можно потанцевать с вашей девушкой?

— Можно.

Танцует. В ходе танца шепчет ей на ушко всякие пошлости, приглашает присесть за свой столик, пытается дать волю рукам. Но пока всё более-менее пристойно (для кабака).

Через пять минут подходит снова:

— Можно ещё с вашей девушкой потанцевать?

— Нельзя.

— Почему?

— Она не хочет… И я не хочу. Потанцевал уже, уймись.

— А ты чё такой резкий? Выйдем, поговорим?

— Пошли…

Выходят на улицу.

— Ну, чего сказать то хотел, говори.

— Те чё жалко, что я с ней потанцую что ли?

— Это моя девушка, я не хочу чтобы ты с ней танцевал.

— А может я ей больше нравлюсь. Пойдём у неё спросим (кладёт руку на шею оппонента).

— Руки убери (снимает руку соперника с шеи).

— Ты чё так реагируешь, чувак? Я ж с тобой нормально разговариваю (кладёт руку обратно).

— Я сказал руки убери (толкает в грудь).

Начинается драка. На улицу вываливаются обе компании, пытаются разнять забияк. В ходе потасовки кто-то кого-то цепляет. Слово за слово и драка приобретает массовый характер… Сверкает нож… У кого то при себе оказался травмат… Стрельба… Кровь… Трупы.
Typically, these cases start with small things, and ends in tragedy. And if one of the sane people know initially how it ends, then having enough fortitude prisek to the situation in the beginning. Assume that guy knocked dancer once round the table, and then immediately took to his traumatic and ordered to not rock the boat of the opponent. And nobody would rypnulsya and mass brawl would not be, and corpses.

But intelligence is not allowed as “inadequate” to react at that time. And then the charges from the sane would not be avoided …

Now, if Yanukovych now waved from Russia in a time machine in Kiev in November 2013 sample-go, as you think, he disbanded the Maidan water cannons and rubber bullets? I believe that even at its amorphous nature, he did not hesitate to give such an order.

So go back to the Ukraine.

Initially, analyzing the situation back in 2013, it was clear that on the Maidan are two main forces – the U.S. and the EU in the face of Germany. Moreover, Germany has been relatively invisible, though, but more interested in the player, because in case of signing the Agreement between Ukraine and the EU to directly receive all the economic benefits. U.S. is prepared, though distant, but the foreseeable future of Ukraine’s entry into NATO, and thus promote the American missile defense system to the borders of Russia. And we must understand that reducing flight time of nuclear missiles to Moscow to 12 minutes – the noose around the neck of Russia, which at any moment can be tight. America systematically and rigorously moving towards this goal since the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact. But this is not to be said aloud, including in Russia (intelligent stage of the conflict). So all this talk going around or Non-adherence of Ukraine to the EU (a girl wants to dance or do not want).

As a result of what happened in February 2014 armed coup in Ukraine, Russia was forced to react to the situation. Adjoining Crimea, Moscow has cut down the same “dancer” right at the table. But more unfortunate intelligence not allowed to get and bring traumatic for the whole company. Instead, followed by intelligent explanation: “He had it coming, you can see for yourself – he’s drunk.”

In response from the table opponents sounded: “What are you doing, savage! He asked politely, and you had no right to do so. And he was not drunk at all. “

Typical “intellectual mistake” is the assumption that the United States, were rebuffed, will not translate into an open situation and uncompromising opposition (because of traumatic and lacked). However carved, regaining consciousness, instead of apologies became tamp all “intelligent” company together certainly revenge …

Recovering from the shock of the March, the U.S. has taken a hard turn to the entire EU and launched an attack on Russia, whose main goal – to provoke a big fight. Here then, so Russia will appear in all the “savage, staged a riot in the restaurant.”


Troops into New Russia, unlike the Crimea is not profitable Moscow and here’s why. Crimea – a separate conversation. There’s a Russian naval base, which has enormous geostrategic importance. The threat of loss occurrence and in its place a U.S. base has been sufficient to start taking action. Plus – Crimea is a peninsula and its control in military terms at the initial stage is to block Perecop isthmus that is easily done.


Well, of course, the economic prospects of owning Crimea will soon be showcased Ukraine and which failed in 23 years to develop this fertile region. Thus, the incorporation of the Crimea – a single strategic objective, which was to perform very skillfully used the current tactical conditions.

Let’s talk about the main strategic goal of Russia in Ukraine. It is more and more clearly come to the fore and more openly becomes the subject of international applications (intelligence walks away and things are starting to be called by their names). Note talk about Crimea (the first hit in the jaw) have almost no leads as relegated to the background and talk about the agreement with the EU (what a girl wants). Become apparent that the true purpose of “dancer” was to insult the company at the next table, and not dancing with their girl.

Russia does not need division of Ukraine. Russia needs a loyal, united, stable, economically developed neighbors having a neutral status, which is guaranteed not to host the U.S. missile defense system! But then to Moscow question arises: how tactically to solve this problem?
Как правило, подобные случаи начинаются с мелочей, а заканчиваются трагедиями. И если бы кто-то из здравомыслящих людей знал изначально, чем всё закончится, то, имея достаточно силы духа, присёк бы ситуацию в самом начале. Допустим, вырубил бы тот парень танцора сразу около столика, а потом тут же достал бы свой травмат и приказал бы компании соперника не рыпаться. И никто не рыпнулся бы, и массовой драки бы не было, и трупов.

Но интеллигентность не позволила так «неадекватно» среагировать в тот момент. Да и обвинений потом со стороны здравомыслящих было бы не избежать…

Вот если бы махнул сейчас Янукович из России на машине времени в Киев образца ноября 2013-го, как думаете, разогнал бы он Майдан водомётами и резиновыми пулями? Полагаю, что даже при аморфности его характера он без колебаний бы отдал такой приказ.

Так вернёмся к Украине.

Изначально, анализируя ситуацию ещё в 2013 году, было ясно, что на Майдане действуют две главные силы — США и Евросоюз в лице Германии. Причём, Германия была хоть и относительно скрытым, но более заинтересованным игроком, ибо в случае подписания соглашения Украины с ЕС напрямую получала все экономические выгоды. США же получали хоть и отдалённую, но уже обозримую перспективу вхождения Украины в НАТО, а значит продвижения американской системы ПРО к границам России. И здесь надо понимать, что сокращение подлётного времени ядерных ракет к Москве до 12 минут — это аркан на шее России, который в любой момент может быть туго затянут. Америка планомерно и неукоснительно движется к этой цели с момента роспуска варшавского блока. Но об этом не принято было говорить вслух, в том числе и в России (интеллигентная стадия конфликта). Поэтому все разговоры шли вокруг присоединения или неприсоединения Украины к ЕС (хочет девушка танцевать или не хочет).

В результате свершившегося в феврале 2014 года вооружённого госпереворота на Украине Россия вынуждена была реагировать на ситуацию. Присоединив Крым, Москва вырубила таки «танцора» прямо у столика. Но дальше злосчастная интеллигентность не позволила достать и навести травмат на всю компанию. Вместо этого последовали интеллигентные объяснения: «Он сам напросился, вы же видите — он пьян».

В ответ из-за стола оппонентов зазвучало: «Что ж ты делаешь, дикарь! Он же вежливо попросил, а ты не имел права так поступать. И вовсе он не пьян».

Типичной «ошибкой интеллигента» явилось предположение о том, что США, получив отпор, не станут переводить ситуацию в открытое и бескомпромиссное противостояние (потому травмат и не доставался). Однако вырубленный, придя в сознание, вместо извинений стал подбивать всю «интеллигентную» компанию непременно сообща отомстить обидчику…

Оправившись от мартовского шока, США взяли в жёсткий оборот весь Евросоюз и начали наступление на Россию, главная цель которого — спровоцировать начало большой драки. Вот тогда уж Россия во всю предстанет «дикарём, устроившим дебош в ресторане».

* * *

Введение войск в Новороссию, в отличие от Крыма не выгодно Москве и вот почему. Крым — это отдельный разговор. Там российская военно-морская база, имеющая колоссальное геостратегическое значение. Возникшая угроза её утраты и возникновения на её месте базы США уже было достаточным условием для начала активных действий. Плюс — Крым является полуостровом и его контроль в военном плане на начальном этапе заключается в блокировании перекопского перешейка, что легко осуществимо. Ну и, конечно же, экономические перспективы обладания Крымом в скором времени будут продемонстрированы Украине, так и не сумевшей за 23 года развить этот благодатный регион. Таким образом, присоединение Крыма — это отдельная стратегическая задача, для выполнения которой были крайне умело использованы текущие тактические условия.

А теперь поговорим о главной стратегической цели России на Украине. Она всё более явственно выходит на передний план и всё более открыто становится предметом международных заявлений (интеллигентность отходит в сторону и вещи начинают называться своими именами). Заметьте, разговоры о Крыме (о первом ударе в челюсть) уже почти никто не ведёт, как отошёл на второй план и разговор о соглашении с ЕС (чего хочет девушка). Становиться очевидным, что истинной целью «танцора» было оскорбить компанию за соседним столиком, а не потанцевать с их девушкой.

России не нужен раздел Украины. России нужен лояльный, единый, стабильный, экономически развитый сосед, имеющий внеблоковый статус, который гарантированно не разместит на своей территории американскую систему ПРО! А вот дальше перед Москвой встаёт вопрос: как тактически решить эту задачу?


Option number 1 – to send troops. But where to enter? In Donetsk and Luhansk republics? And then what? A further NATO peacekeeping troops appear on the rest of Ukraine and its section will, as in the time it happened with Germany. In the central and western parts remain pro-American government. Beneficial is Russia? Solves this problem by NATO and missile defense? Of course not
Вариант №1 — ввести войска. Но куда ввести? На территории Донецкой и Луганской республик? И что дальше? А дальше миротворческие войска НАТО появятся на остальной территории Украины и произойдёт её раздел, как в своё время это произошло с Германией. В центральной и западной частях сохраниться проамериканское правительство. Выгодно это России? Решает это проблему НАТО и ПРО? Конечно нет

Option number 2 – a massive deployment of troops and lightning over the entire territory of Ukraine, the actual occupation of the country. NATO in this case is unlikely to be thrust, because it will be a war with Russia, not just deployment of peacekeeping troops. Moreover, Ukraine is not a member of the alliance. Moscow will monitor the situation, but if she then receives a “loyal, united, stable, etc.” neighbor in the face of Ukraine? Of course not. She will receive a huge unstable, chopped territory with uncertain status, which will begin guerrilla and terrorist war. Plus – the Iron Curtain from the West.
Вариант №2 — массированный и молниеносный ввод войск на всю территорию Украины, фактическая оккупация страны. НАТО в этом случае вряд ли сунется, ибо это будет уже война с Россией, а не просто ввод миротворческих войск. К тому же Украина не является членом альянса. Москва будет контролировать ситуацию, но получит ли она тогда «лояльного, единого, стабильного и пр.» соседа в лице Украины? Разумеется, нет. Она получит огромную нестабильную, расколотую территорию с неопределённым статусом, на которой начнётся партизанско-террористическая война. Плюс ко всему — железный занавес со стороны Запада.

Остаётся вариант №3 — Украина сама должна свергнуть хунту и объявить о вечной дружбе с Россией, а Россия будет ей помогать, как и делала это раньше. Для этого внутри самой Украины должна начаться национально-освободительная война. Для этого сами украинцы должны встать под ружьё и сказать громкое «Нет!» хунте и её кукловодам. Именно это понимают и боятся сами кукловоды. Именно поэтому идут карательные операции в стране. Именно за это были сожжены люди в Одессе. Именно поэтому Порошенко получил наказ быстро и жестоко подавить сопротивление востока.

Именно поэтому Россия не примет Новороссию в свой состав и не будет признавать её независимый статус. Но именно поэтому будет негласно помогать её национально-освободительной борьбе — процесс освобождения должен идти изнутри Украины.

С принятием экономического пакета соглашения с ЕС Украина уже через пару месяцев ощутит все «прелести» евроинтеграции и тогда число пассионариев в стране резко увеличится, а волну народного возмущения будет уже не удержать. Но до этого момента непризнанная Новороссия должна держаться. Держаться, как знамя новой, свободной и независимой Украины, под которое в последствии и встанут новые пассионарии Одессы, Киева, Днепропетровска и других украинских городов.

Эта волна начнёт набирать силу к рубежу лета-осени текущего года. Но, конечно, это понимают и кукловоды хунты, а потому могут, окончательно взбесившись, начать уже неприкрытый террор и геноцид русского народа на Украине с применением против мирных граждан оружия массового поражения. И тогда у России не останется иного выбора, как открыто вмешаться.

Remains an option number 3 – Ukraine itself must overthrow the junta and declare eternal friendship with Russia, and Russia will help her, as did before. To do this, inside Ukraine should start war of national liberation. To do this, the Ukrainians have to stand under the gun and say a resounding “No!” Junta and its puppeteers. It is this fear and understand themselves puppeteers. That’s why go out punitive operations in the country. That’s what people have been burned in Odessa. That is why the mandate received Poroshenko fast and violent crackdown east.

That is why Russia will not accept Novorossia in its composition and will not recognize its independent status. But that’s why it will be behind the scenes to help the national liberation struggle – the process of liberation must come from within Ukraine.

With the adoption of a package of economic agreements with the EU, Ukraine is already a couple of months to experience all the “charms” of European integration and then the number of people with drive in the country will increase dramatically, and the wave of popular indignation will no longer hold. But until then unrecognized Novorossia should stay. Hold as a banner of a new, free and independent Ukraine, under which in consequence and will face new passionarii Odessa, Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk and other Ukrainian cities.

This wave will begin to gain momentum by the turn of the summer and autumn of this year. But of course, it is understood and puppeteers junta, and can therefore, finally enraged start already naked terror and genocide of the Russian people in Ukraine using against civilians weapons of mass destruction. And then Russia will have no choice but to intervene openly.



Resolutions submitted to the UN reflect west’s hysterical attempts to influence elections in Syria- SANA, Syria

New York, SANA Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari said that the western and Arab draft resolutions submitted recently to the Security Council and the UN General Assembly reflect the hysteric state of the countries pushing them in their attempts to influence the presidential elections in Syria.

Speaking to al-Mayadin TV on Friday, al-Jaafari said that the French resolution submitted under the name of “criminal justice” is far removed from that concept; rather it was tailored to target Syria politically, adding that the western states pushing this resolution to a vote despite knowing that there’s a Russian-Chinese veto against it shows the western hypocrisy in dealing with the crisis in Syria and their attempts to embarrass Russian and China using the humanitarian issue.

He noted that hypocrisy at the Security Council continues, with Britain drafting a resolution on the humanitarian issue in Syria alongside some western countries and some states that are Arabic in name only.

Al-Jaafari asserted that western states are a primary element of the crisis in Syria, and that these states are finally acknowledging the presence of terrorists in Syria to keep up with reality, but this is merely a tactical step, not a strategic step.

He noted that the US isn’t part of the International Criminal Court (ICC), and therefore has no right to lecture anyone about this issue, noting that the US always ensures that any draft resolution related to it does not prosecute US soldiers for the war crimes they committed around the world.

Syria’s representative said that the US delegation brought a perjurious witness to the Security Council session is both a formal infringement and an attempt to turn attention away from reality, asserting that the ICC is a politicized entity tailor-made to extort and pressure third-world countries.

Al-Jaafari said that the western countries’ actions prove that they don’t want the crisis in Syria to end, as they want to create a constitutional vacuum in it which they can exploit and exert pressure on Syria and portray it as a failure, all for the sake of undermining the concept of sovereignty which no-one can overstep, even in the field of humanitarian aid.

He asserted that the UN General Secretariat continuously and deliberately distorts facts by falsifying reports from its bodies operating in Syria, presenting misleading and incorrect data to the Security Council, adding that Syria drew the attention of the Secretary-General and his chief aides to this, but they refrained from doing anything about it.

“The public opinion mistakenly believes that the UN is a legal body that protects rights and preserves international security and peace and a charity that loves the poor and helps people, but this is no longer applicable to reality at all, because the United States operates on the basis that the UN is its political arm which it uses to score points for its personal interests,” he said.

Al-Jaafari concluded by saying that Syria doesn’t care about the name of the new envoy the UN intends to send to it; rather it cares about the significance and content, and in the end, any replacement of Lakhdar Brahimi should be assigned after consulting with the Syrian government.


Donetsk Update 26 May 2014

achischat Donetsk sent snipers
16:34 / 26.05.2014

Photo: GLOBAL LOOK press
Donetsk International Airport are fights between locals and the Kiev Natsgvardiey. During the clashes used heavy artillery, snipers are operating, which Kiev sent to sweep the city.

“In the vicinity of the airport intensive shooting from heavy machine guns. According to the Ukrainian militia among many military snipers” – said in a Twitter microblog Donetsk People’s Republic.

In addition, representatives of the DNR previously reported that in the sky above the Donetsk airport helicopter was shot down Ukrainian army. According to some reports, the security forces bombed the airport from the air. We know that about the runway after the shell hit lit warehouse. Presumably, this ammunition depot Natsgvardii detachment stationed at the airport.

On this topic
Poroshenko supported special operations Kiev
Donetsk is closed to aircraft
Rinat Akhmetov expelled from Donetsk
According to recent data, landed at the airport landing, which currently produces coins sweep. According to the press officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Alexey Dmitrashkovskogo, “ATU operation began with a pair of call SU-25 in the area of ​​the airport. They made a warning shot in the area of ​​deployment.” In response were fired “from all kinds of weapons.”

In addition, it was reported that three attack helicopters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine hit factory “Tochmash”. Information about the victims yet. Stir in the center of Donetsk and all entrances to the international airport blocked traffic police.

As previously wrote Dni.Ru, DNR representatives on Monday night came on the airport grounds, demanding the withdrawal of Ukrainian military guarding the inner perimeter of the airport. Airport from 8:00 am Moscow time suspend flights. Later, the media reported that the airport is occupied by armed men, and Ukrainian military left the building. Gosaviasluzhba Ukraine stated that imposed a ban on flights to Donetsk to 19:00 Moscow time Monday.ORIGINAL
Sunday morning on the walls near the Ukrainian Embassy in Tel Aviv were found leaflets with large inscription “The Punisher”, the text of which reads: “Citizens in an armed coup Ukrainian state essentially captured by a gang of fascists who rob, torture and kill people. In core “right sector” ideology of Nazism in the interpretation of Ukrainian elite Nazi Punisher Stepan Bandera. ”

Hereinafter leaflets in three languages ​​(Russian, Ukrainian and Hebrew) present information about the activities of Banderivtsy
during the Second World War. The text is illustrated with photographs of those years.
The civil war in Ukraine the study and examination of the Jewish credible fears of bandera ideaology taking root in Kiev, still remembering the events of 1941. The distinction between Jews and Zionists could hardly be more pronounced. How could anyone calling themselves a Jew support banderaites? Zionists often pose as Jews, however they only use it (religion) for political and economic reasons.


The Vaseline Warriors #”EU Values”

Kiev opportunists nationalist psychosis around the situation in the South-East, raised to the surface scum different Maidan demanding drown in the blood of its own citizens, among which highlights the presidential candidates from the right sector Dmitry Jaros and the Radical Party Oleg Lyashko forming this purpose the whole punitive units.
“Crimea was and remains the Ukrainian” – said the May 18, 2014 during the debate on the First National Channel D. Yarosh.
According to him, it is necessary “to unleash a guerrilla war there, using the Crimean Tatar factor.”
Opinion on the issue of inhabitants of the Crimea, without whose support the guerrilla movement is simply impossible, including the Crimean Tatars, who homegrown Bandera “strategist” has decided to use as “cannon fodder”, of course, no one is going to ask.
At the same time, responding to questions from the audience about how to resolve the conflict in the eastern provinces, he said that instead of frontal attacks need “vyschelkivat” militia leaders. Leading to the question of what it means to “vyschelkivat” D. Yarosh said – “physically eliminate”.
In this regard, the leader of the right-wing structure announced the formation of the new battalions – “Donbass-2” and “Donbass-3”, in addition to the already established battalion “Donbass-1”, for “the deployment of large-scale guerrilla warfare” in the Southeast.
As is known, a statement of the early formation of the battalion “Donbass-1” D. Yarosh announced April 23, 2014 at a press conference in Dnipropetrovsk: according to him, all the steps to create this department, which will include about 800 people, agreed with leadership of the National Security Council, the Security Service and Interior Ministry.
In this regard, he said that “moved his headquarters in Dnipropetrovsk, to amplify this outpost of Ukrainian statehood at the junction of the south and east” and thanked the governor oligarch Igor Kolomoisky for funding this unit, received the name of wit “Jewish shock battalion.”
“I am grateful to him for the support of our units. In politics we do not employ the money oligarchs, but when there is a war, we understand that this war is necessary resource support to our boys are not pouring blood in vain,” – said D. Yarosh.
Not far behind this figure and the other not less than O. Lyashko cartoon character behind which stretches plume homosexual scandals with billboards proclaiming slogans such as “I’ll bring Ukraine Crimea!” and “Death to the invaders”.
As instituted in circles “true democrats Khutoryanskaya with pitchforks” position on this bill Crimeans themselves, which Maidan Alliance ultra gay and forced to join the Russian, one does not take into account: they offered to just take the collar and “return Ukraine” to rescue from the unknown “occupiers.”
Moreover, according to media reports, this “blue radical candidate” personally directed the May 9, 2014 storm Mariupol, but an attempt to force capture of the city was a complete failure: O. Lyashko first retreated from the battlefield, triggering an exodus of other participants in punitive action.
However, the next day, May 10, 2014, on his Facebook page frustrated “conqueror of Mariupol” announced the formation of its own “pocket Army” according to him, he decided to “personally lead one of the volunteer battalions” for war in the Southeast, pompously calling it “Ukraine”.
According to media reports, today O. Lyashko as D. Jaros is on contentment tycoon J. Kolomoyskogo, money which, I suppose, and will be financed his own “army ludicrous.”
That’s just about knowing “leadership talent” O. Lyashko, soldiers of this unit definitely need to lean on regulations to run to keep up with his boss, when he, with his pants will skedaddle out of the combat zone.
And at the same time – stock up on Vaseline, knowing about THE VASELINE WARRIORS unconventional sexual preferences of their employer, which in this respect acts as a visual spokesman notorious “European values.”
Given the same journey together right sectors and the Radical Party from Evromaydana to Donbass Uslan Nazi runes and rubber products number two, they should be combined into a single political force with a formidable name “Game combat Bandera buggers.”
The emblem of the party you want an image of bearded women Conchita Wurst – whether the winner, or the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014.
Slogans of the newly formed party would look absolutely logical slogans “Sala pravosekam – horseradish homosexual,” “Glory sodomy – death the family!” and “Sodomy – above all”.
In the case of intra-party squabbles, almost inevitable in Ukrainian political realities, it is recommended to use against each other chants “Who does not jump – he Ljashko!” and “Banderyaku – Gilyaks on!” followed by the massacre.
 Правосеки Яроша и гомосеки Ляшко как ударный отряд боевых бандеровских педерастов

Political columnist press service PSPU Victor Silenko

Preserving Stability in the World

The recent meeting in Damascus between the Russian delegation and President Bashar al-Assad and Syrian Government officials Saturday 23-May 2014  reported by SANA article
Russia’s role important to protect stability in the world- SANA, Syria


Damascus, (SANA) President Bashar al-Assad received Saturday a Russian governmental delegation headed by Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, Head of the Russian side to the Joint Committee of the Syrian-Russian trade, economic, scientific and technical cooperation.

Talks during the meeting dealt with bilateral relations between Syria and Russia and the importance of broadening aspects of the standing cooperation, with President al-Assad appreciating Russia’s stances in support of the Syrian people in their war against terrorism.

The President affirmed the role of Russia in preserving stability in the world and confronting the western attempts of dominating countries in the region.

President al-Assad clarified that the west is always seeking to subjugate countries which do not agree to its hegemony in various ways from time to time, however, the most dangerous of these way is supporting extremism and terrorism in those countries to destabilize and weaken them.

The president added that the practices of the west necessitate forming an international movement to exert pressure over the countries which are supporting terrorism to stop their practices.

For his part, Rogozin stressed the Russian firm stance in bolstering Syria’s steadfastness and its complete readiness to consolidate cooperation between the two sides in various ways, expressing hope that the joint committee of the two countries will be held soon.

He described the policy of the west towards Syria as ignoring the genuine interests of the Syrian people, asserting that the presidential elections gain great importance in light of the current circumstances because they give the Syrians the opportunity to express their will and shape the future of their country far from foreign dictations.

In a statement following the meeting, Rogozin considered the policy of the west towards Syria and the presidential elections as “immoral and ignoring the interests of the Syrian people.”

He called on the western countries to take a stance similar to that of Russia and the countries which see no alternative to the political dialogue far from political dictations.

The presidential elections of Syria, Rogozin said, “The Syrian presidential elections gain legitimacy from the fact that they are held according to the constitution of the Syrian Arab Republic and in the legal time, and they gain greatest importance from the national dialogue and reconciliation for the people to choose their legitimate president.”

Rogozin pointed out that sending Russian parliamentarians to keep up with the presidential elections in Syria is due to the cooperation among the parliamentarian structures, adding that even with the presence of supervisors there are no guarantees that there will be some future attempts to doubt the results of the presidential elections in Syria.

He noted that Russia looks with confidence at the future of Syria and with commitment to the principles of the international legitimacy and law, adding that the Syrian side was invited to visit Russia and hold a session for the Syrian-Russian governmental committee which is dedicated to economic, commercial, technical and scientific cooperation.

Concerning the chemical weapons in Syria, Rogozin mentioned the statement of the UN Secretary-General in which he talked about the possibility of delaying the date of transporting weapons outside Syria to a new deadline, addressing the countries which are supporting the gunmen to give orders to ensure secure channels to solve all issues related to ending this matter and reviewing it at the Security Council.

R. Milhem/Mazen /F.Allafi



conveyed many important messages regarding effective approaches towards preserving the sovereignty of the Nation State model as outlined in the Charter of the UN.
The continuity of the historical bonds between Russia and Syria are sacred .  Is hato at war with Christianity;?  causing another genocidal action against the Armenians as hato lackey erDoGgan provided air cover and artillery support for terrorists to hunt and thirst for innocent blood inside the formerly peaceful and tranquil Syrian Lattakia countryside. Its an evil version of Christianity that could remain silent or justify the “burnt offerings” of 2_May_Odessa_ #massacre  
Even the harbor of Tartus during operations of chemical weapon removal was shelled.  A few days later- US excretes a standard “psaki”  statement of criticism of Syrian Government for not making enough progress with disposal while helping to undermine a safe environment #duplicity
The morally bankrupt western sock puppets mis-leaders  together have less backbone than an amoeba and Christianity has few defenders.  


Vladimir Gromov Statement

Vladimir Gromov, head of counterintelligence of the United Army of the South-East, said in an address to junta forces-


Video of Vladimir Gromov Statement
“We, the Army of the South-East, address everyone who brought war to our land… soldiers of the regular Armed Forces of Ukraine, the National Guard, and members of the Right Sector. We call on you to leave the territory of the LNR as quickly as possible. After the referendum, the people of the LNR wish to build their new independent state by themselves, no one has the right to prevent them from doing this.
We’re sure that you, like us, don’t want to continue the war. It’s necessary to stop the bloodshed. We understand pretty well that you have to carry out orders. However, think about who your leaders are and what these people’s goals are. Should you die in order for someone to occupy a desired seat?”

“The junta hides behind the ideals of a single indivisible Ukraine. Yet, isn’t it them that destroyed this country, drowned Slavyansk and Mariupol in blood, burned the country in the terrible Odessa fire, and now, knowing all this, don’t want to give up? Further bloodshed is simply meaningless. We ask all Ukrainian soldiers, with whom and for what are you fighting? Do you want to protect homegrown fascism, the money of a small group of officials? Is it worth sacrificing people’s lives for it? We ask all Ukrainian commanders to remember about their wives and children. Remember them and think about the guys you send into the firing line. We appeal to the mothers of servicemen from other parts of the Ukraine, whose children armed with guns are here in the LNR… before it’s not too late, take your children away, save them from this meaningless ‘meatgrinder’, stop them, we don’t want to see your motherly tears”.

President Putin at CEO Global Summit

Vladimir Putin met with heads of major Russian and foreign companies and business associations at the CEO Global Summit, which is part of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

The summit of global business leaders was organised by the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.
ST. PETERSBURG, May 23. /ITAR-TASS/. Russia sees no need so far to review the terms of its membership in the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Trade Organization (WTO), says Valentina Matviyenko,Speaker of the Federation Council.
At the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, Matviyenko said this in response to a question about whether Russia would review its participation in the IMF and the WTO, if the West tightened its sanctions over Russia’s policy on Ukraine.
Matviyenko said the IMF’s position “raises questions”. As for the WTO, Russia will firmly and consistently fulfill its obligations, if only “our interests and rights are not infringed upon,” she said.ITAR-TASS




Russia, Iran agree on destabilising role of “colour revolutions”

Russia May 23, 18:40 UTC+4
“The US always comes against the countries that seek to pursue an independent policy,” Iranian defense minister says
MOSCOW, May 23. /ITAR-TASS/. Russia and Iran have revealed common positions on the destabilising impact of “colour revolutions” on regional security.
Russian and Iranian defense ministers, Sergei Shoigu and Hossein Dehghan, met within the 3rd Moscow International Security Conference on Friday.
Dehghan said the Iranian leadership always thought about the causes of “colour revolutions” when it analysed the situation.
The United States often pursues its interests in conducting “colour revolutions”, he said.
“The US always comes against the countries that seek to pursue an independent policy,” Dehghan said.
“We’re categorically against such approach. We’ll build our cooperation on the basis of such principle. I have a keen interest in reaching a new level in cooperation between the two countries,” he said.
Dehghan also thanked Shoigu for accepting the invitation to visit Iran. “This is an important message to Americans,” he said.
Shoigu said he was grateful to his Iranian counterpart for taking part in the conference.
“Our meeting creates conditions for developing mutual relations between the defence ministries,” he said.
Russian Derfense Minister Sergei Shoigu
Russian Derfense Minister Sergei Shoigu speaks at the 3rd Moscow International Security Conference

NATO-The Enigma

The command structure of NATO is such that the 28 member states meet once a week under the banner of the “council” very little information is available as to the exact nature of overall command.
As to the nationality of the “leader” suggests that political merits are of primary concern so seen as figurehead or poster-boy.
The secretary general of the organization is of unknown authorizational powers. However the fact of NATO command and control operative control over US Armed Forces personnel, ships at sea, Air Force, US Army, is now becoming apparent with Anders Fogh Rasmussen now considered to out-rank the Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff.
The NATO operative control over UNITED STATES ARMED FORCES is unconstitutional. To suggest that 28 member states all agree to surrender their sovereignty to a mysterious “council” which lurks under the cover of darkness taking orders from something or one that is  beyond our rights as ordinary citizens to know is at best dubious at worst destroying democracy which it pretends to defend.