Massacre of Christians in Syrian Kasab – the hypocrisy of US and Turkey

Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

Apr 3, 2014, New Eastern Outlook
While the whole world was busy with the Ukrainian issue, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, instigated by Washington, decided to take advantage of the situation and expand their intervention in Syria, where government forces were successfully winning back positions from the rebels. The greatest wickedness was the massacre of the Armenian population in the town of Kasab near the border with Turkey, where units of the radical extremist Islamist group Dzhabgat en-Nusra, financially and politically supported by Riyadh, invaded on March 27, with participation of Turkish officers. It is characteristic that Turkish air defenses shot down a Syrian fighter in the airspace of the SAR in the area of Kasab, claiming that it allegedly flew into Turkish airspace. Militants of the pro-Saudi group entered the town from Turkish territory, where they had been previously trained by officers of the Turkish Army. About 2,000 Armenian…

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