Pavel Gubaryov Calls for the Creation of Novorossiya

Voices from Russia

00 pavel gubaryov. donetsk. 12.05.14


According to ITAR-TASS, Pavel Gubaryov, People’s Governor of Donetsk Oblast, recently released from prison in Kiev, told Rossiya-24 TV, “The referendum is everything for us, it’s our declaration of independence, it’s the formation of a new entity… the Donetsk People’s Republic. However, this new entity is only the first step to our forming a bigger entity, Novorossiya, in all the former southeastern Ukraine”. Novorossiya is a historical term referring to territory conquered by the Russian Empire in the 1700s, which became part of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, part of the USSR, in 1922. Gubaryov took part in Sunday’s voting and noted the high turnout, “There have never been such high turnouts at any previous polling. They exerted physical and moral pressure on me in prison. I don’t seek a martyr’s halo; I’m a soldier, after all. I look upon what happened there as a part of my fight…

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