At the beginning of May 14th Novorossia insurgent situation in and around the following

Donetsk – Lugansk: soon to be established Novorossia


In the republics of the preparation for the signing of the Federal Treaty. Oleg Tsarev, was obviously no longer a Verkhovna Rada deputy head the working group dealing with preparation for the signing of an agreement on the establishment of a federal state Novorossia.


Even if the state will remain in its current borders – its population will be about 6.6 million people (that, for example, more than in the Baltic countries taken together). Area – more than 50 thousand square kilometers.

If Novorossia to join Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhya, Dnipropetrovsk, Mykolaiv, Kherson and Odessa regions – the population of New Russia reaches 19 million people, and it will (in the future) as the second member of the Population of the Eurasian Union, ahead of Kazakhstan. Moreover, in this case it turns out that “separatists” more than supporters actually “one of Ukraine.”

This, however, is the question of the future.

Online, by the way, has already appeared many projects Novorossia flag. While the conversation came to a serious level – to announce that Editions like most about this:


Slovyansk – Kramators’k: bout is over losing sides counted

Active hostilities is not conducted. Hand summed up daily hassle when junta troops convoy ambushed militia 20km. from Kramatorsk.

Loss by militias – one man, Sergei Grishin of Makeyevka.

Loss on the part of the junta forces (officially recognized) – 7 people.

However, the representative of the evening Natsgvardii suddenly moved with a fantastic “our soldiers return fire killed 54 separatist,” but he would hardly believe, even in Kiev.

Discussions also earned fact be used as a transport aircraft junta helicopters marked the peacekeeping forces of the United Nations. Even if the junta forces simply do not have enough money to repaint helicopters – it is still a violation of the UN Charter. However, attention to such nuances long time nobody in Kiev does not pay.



Kiev: Acting Commander defeated Communist speaker

Here the only interesting event was the loss of self-acting President and the Speaker and the Chief of the pastor A.Turchinova during the speech of communists P.Simonenko.

Simonenko, obviously trying to at least partially fulfill ago electorate lost during frightened compromise initiatives junta after the coup – began performing on May 9 in Mariupol and randomly presented version of Mariupol – that the police were ordered to disperse demonstrations that opposed and that punitive detachment arrived and began to storm city police department to punish unruly militiamen.
13.05.2014 Прекратить терроризм власти против своего народа! Заявление ПР. Верховна рада Украины.
Turchinov his seat suddenly interrupted the speaker, ten times said that he “shamelessly gap”, deprived him of speech, said Simonenko relays “false propaganda Russian media” twice quickly outlined in microphone official version of Kiev (the attack on the police gorupravleniya and natsgvardiya police arrived to protect), and finally announced that he would ask the Ministry of Justice junta ban the Communist Party. Simonenko drove away from the microphone.

Europe: ‘let the separatists to negotiate”

And finally, the news from Europe. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that the principle of “separatists allows participation in a roundtable discussion of the OSCE” (speech – Representatives of Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republic).

However, she immediately added that “everything will depend on their willingness to renounce violence”, etc. – Without any explanation, as the People’s Republic renounce violence when their city raid regular military units and special projects fascist B.Kolomoyskogo But the very realization of the fact that Ukraine had a very real side, which will have to agree – certainly a step forward .

We’re now watching events


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