Obama’s cannibals (foreign backed gangs of mercenaries) cut off the water supply in Aleppo from over a week ~ This act, including killing, abduction and torture of Syrians, civilian or military, is a collective punishment, a crime of war and against the humanity, of which the USA administration and the Western/NATO nations will have to give account to the world and history

Wherever hato/zio control the water don’t flow
#Aleppo #Crimea #Palestine
“creating humanitarian disasters worldwide”-hato

the real Syrian Free Press


Foreign backed groups of mercenaries cut off the water supply in Aleppo

Residents of Syria’s second city Aleppo have been without water for a week because the armed terrorists who have cut off water supplies had cut off water supplies from a pump distributing to both, the terrorist-held east and the freed area in west Aleppo.

Last month, terrorist gangs already cut off the electricity supply in Aleppo and in the surrounding countryside.

But the gangs were unable to cut off water supplies to freed areas without also affecting the foreign backed mercenaries-held neighborhoods.




Syrian Foreign and Expatriates Ministry: “Cutting water off Aleppo by terrorists is collective punishment and crime against civilians”

Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said Monday that cutting water off Aleppo city by terrorists is a collective punishment to the locals for their rejection of the terrorist groups.

In two letters sent to the UN Secretary-General and UN…

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