Donetsk People’s Governor announced the creation of Novorossia.


Paul Gubarev announced the creation of a political party “New Russia”, said the report, published on the same portal.

In the Donetsk and Lugansk regions on Sunday a referendum on the status of the regions. The ballot was one question: Do you support the act of state autonomy, respectively, Donetsk and Luhansk people’s republics. Despite the special operation Ukrainian security officials, the turnout in the Donetsk region amounted to almost 75%, Luhansk – 81%. And in fact, and in another region of about 90% of the participants voted for independence. Breakaway republics started to create its own authorities.

“On my own behalf do hereby proclaim the establishment of a new political party” New Russia “, whose main office is located in Donetsk”, – quotes the words Gubaryov portal. According to him, the leadership of the new party will include people who are in a “difficult time” “have proven to be real fighters and defenders of the Fatherland.”

“In the near future we will carry out in Donetsk founding congress of our party, where we will announce our charter and ideology, choose their leadership and define the strategy of party development,” – said Gubarev.



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