Putin to Decide Stance on Referenda Soon


Voices from Russia

00 lugansk. 01. 14.05.14


Presidential press secretary Dmitri Peskov told Kommersant, “President Vladimir Putin will formulate his attitude to the referenda held on Sunday in Donetsk and Lugansk Oblasts on the strength of their results. His decision is difficult to forecast”. Asked by the newspaper whether the fact that he asked patriot elements to postpone the referendum until a later date would influence Putin’s attitude, Peskov pointed up, “No, he didn’t ask them, he made such a recommendation. However, it was difficult to heed the recommendation, even considering [Putin’s] prestige. Taking into account the real combat actions, the people there had to act according to their own approach and proceed from the real situation”. Already, the USA and the EU declared that they don’t recognise the results of voting on the status of Lugansk and Donetsk Oblasts and warned that they might apply economic sanctions against Russia if the referenda in Novorossiya bollix…

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