The Hysterics of Carousel

The west vs Russia relationship is similar to the type of relationship that exists between an indicted man and law enforcement.
As more  independent investigations begin to concur and share  evidence the picture that  begins to emerge of the premeditated murders and ritualistic sadistic, massacre that occured in occupied  Odessa,  Rossia on  2 May 2014  which the Whited sepluchre House  characterized as “remarkable restraint”-the  more shrill and #hysterical emanations   are discharged from western news @circus “conferences” which are reminiscent of my early childhood theatrical productions.  (embarrassing)

Entertainment yes; but in a kind of parallel universe; unable to define their own fictional charges as to why the referendum in Donetsk, and  Lugansk were “illegal” the faltering state department “spokesperson” #psaki was unable to define the most offensive the dreaded “carousel” -riding on wooden horses in a circular pattern


or perhaps the song Carousel  “Carousel” is a song by American singer-songwriter Vanessa Carlton, taken from her fourth studio album Rabbits on the Run, the title of which comes from the song’s lyrics.
was illegaly being sung?


We are all waiting for the definition  with tickets and cotton candy in our hands!! 


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