A native son of Ukraine who’s Grandfather fought to save Krasnoarmeis from the nazis;  Deputy Strelkov commander of the Donbass People’s  Militia  speaks of the lies and hypocrisy of being falsely labeled as a “terrorist invader”

My Grandfather then surrounded Krasnoarmeisk fought week in February 1943, defending their country and people, and I mean “aggressor.” Well, well … “brainwashed” in Ukraine way most people so that they ceased to distinguish white from black …

Than brazen and shameless lie – the more believe in it. That turns my small group of volunteers (now comprising 90% of the locals) in the “horde of invaders terrorists”, “Putin” in addition … What’s wrong when we do not! Is that children do not eat raw … And all the people – entirely for “United Ukraine.” And it believed!

Well, the Germans also Goebbels propaganda almost to the end believed. And here is the same school.

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