NATO-The Enigma

The command structure of NATO is such that the 28 member states meet once a week under the banner of the “council” very little information is available as to the exact nature of overall command.
As to the nationality of the “leader” suggests that political merits are of primary concern so seen as figurehead or poster-boy.
The secretary general of the organization is of unknown authorizational powers. However the fact of NATO command and control operative control over US Armed Forces personnel, ships at sea, Air Force, US Army, is now becoming apparent with Anders Fogh Rasmussen now considered to out-rank the Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff.
The NATO operative control over UNITED STATES ARMED FORCES is unconstitutional. To suggest that 28 member states all agree to surrender their sovereignty to a mysterious “council” which lurks under the cover of darkness taking orders from something or one that is  beyond our rights as ordinary citizens to know is at best dubious at worst destroying democracy which it pretends to defend.


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