Vladimir Gromov Statement

Vladimir Gromov, head of counterintelligence of the United Army of the South-East, said in an address to junta forces-


Video of Vladimir Gromov Statement
“We, the Army of the South-East, address everyone who brought war to our land… soldiers of the regular Armed Forces of Ukraine, the National Guard, and members of the Right Sector. We call on you to leave the territory of the LNR as quickly as possible. After the referendum, the people of the LNR wish to build their new independent state by themselves, no one has the right to prevent them from doing this.
We’re sure that you, like us, don’t want to continue the war. It’s necessary to stop the bloodshed. We understand pretty well that you have to carry out orders. However, think about who your leaders are and what these people’s goals are. Should you die in order for someone to occupy a desired seat?”

“The junta hides behind the ideals of a single indivisible Ukraine. Yet, isn’t it them that destroyed this country, drowned Slavyansk and Mariupol in blood, burned the country in the terrible Odessa fire, and now, knowing all this, don’t want to give up? Further bloodshed is simply meaningless. We ask all Ukrainian soldiers, with whom and for what are you fighting? Do you want to protect homegrown fascism, the money of a small group of officials? Is it worth sacrificing people’s lives for it? We ask all Ukrainian commanders to remember about their wives and children. Remember them and think about the guys you send into the firing line. We appeal to the mothers of servicemen from other parts of the Ukraine, whose children armed with guns are here in the LNR… before it’s not too late, take your children away, save them from this meaningless ‘meatgrinder’, stop them, we don’t want to see your motherly tears”.


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