Preserving Stability in the World

The recent meeting in Damascus between the Russian delegation and President Bashar al-Assad and Syrian Government officials Saturday 23-May 2014  reported by SANA article
Russia’s role important to protect stability in the world- SANA, Syria


Damascus, (SANA) President Bashar al-Assad received Saturday a Russian governmental delegation headed by Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, Head of the Russian side to the Joint Committee of the Syrian-Russian trade, economic, scientific and technical cooperation.

Talks during the meeting dealt with bilateral relations between Syria and Russia and the importance of broadening aspects of the standing cooperation, with President al-Assad appreciating Russia’s stances in support of the Syrian people in their war against terrorism.

The President affirmed the role of Russia in preserving stability in the world and confronting the western attempts of dominating countries in the region.

President al-Assad clarified that the west is always seeking to subjugate countries which do not agree to its hegemony in various ways from time to time, however, the most dangerous of these way is supporting extremism and terrorism in those countries to destabilize and weaken them.

The president added that the practices of the west necessitate forming an international movement to exert pressure over the countries which are supporting terrorism to stop their practices.

For his part, Rogozin stressed the Russian firm stance in bolstering Syria’s steadfastness and its complete readiness to consolidate cooperation between the two sides in various ways, expressing hope that the joint committee of the two countries will be held soon.

He described the policy of the west towards Syria as ignoring the genuine interests of the Syrian people, asserting that the presidential elections gain great importance in light of the current circumstances because they give the Syrians the opportunity to express their will and shape the future of their country far from foreign dictations.

In a statement following the meeting, Rogozin considered the policy of the west towards Syria and the presidential elections as “immoral and ignoring the interests of the Syrian people.”

He called on the western countries to take a stance similar to that of Russia and the countries which see no alternative to the political dialogue far from political dictations.

The presidential elections of Syria, Rogozin said, “The Syrian presidential elections gain legitimacy from the fact that they are held according to the constitution of the Syrian Arab Republic and in the legal time, and they gain greatest importance from the national dialogue and reconciliation for the people to choose their legitimate president.”

Rogozin pointed out that sending Russian parliamentarians to keep up with the presidential elections in Syria is due to the cooperation among the parliamentarian structures, adding that even with the presence of supervisors there are no guarantees that there will be some future attempts to doubt the results of the presidential elections in Syria.

He noted that Russia looks with confidence at the future of Syria and with commitment to the principles of the international legitimacy and law, adding that the Syrian side was invited to visit Russia and hold a session for the Syrian-Russian governmental committee which is dedicated to economic, commercial, technical and scientific cooperation.

Concerning the chemical weapons in Syria, Rogozin mentioned the statement of the UN Secretary-General in which he talked about the possibility of delaying the date of transporting weapons outside Syria to a new deadline, addressing the countries which are supporting the gunmen to give orders to ensure secure channels to solve all issues related to ending this matter and reviewing it at the Security Council.

R. Milhem/Mazen /F.Allafi



conveyed many important messages regarding effective approaches towards preserving the sovereignty of the Nation State model as outlined in the Charter of the UN.
The continuity of the historical bonds between Russia and Syria are sacred .  Is hato at war with Christianity;?  causing another genocidal action against the Armenians as hato lackey erDoGgan provided air cover and artillery support for terrorists to hunt and thirst for innocent blood inside the formerly peaceful and tranquil Syrian Lattakia countryside. Its an evil version of Christianity that could remain silent or justify the “burnt offerings” of 2_May_Odessa_ #massacre  
Even the harbor of Tartus during operations of chemical weapon removal was shelled.  A few days later- US excretes a standard “psaki”  statement of criticism of Syrian Government for not making enough progress with disposal while helping to undermine a safe environment #duplicity
The morally bankrupt western sock puppets mis-leaders  together have less backbone than an amoeba and Christianity has few defenders.  



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