The Vaseline Warriors #”EU Values”

Kiev opportunists nationalist psychosis around the situation in the South-East, raised to the surface scum different Maidan demanding drown in the blood of its own citizens, among which highlights the presidential candidates from the right sector Dmitry Jaros and the Radical Party Oleg Lyashko forming this purpose the whole punitive units.
“Crimea was and remains the Ukrainian” – said the May 18, 2014 during the debate on the First National Channel D. Yarosh.
According to him, it is necessary “to unleash a guerrilla war there, using the Crimean Tatar factor.”
Opinion on the issue of inhabitants of the Crimea, without whose support the guerrilla movement is simply impossible, including the Crimean Tatars, who homegrown Bandera “strategist” has decided to use as “cannon fodder”, of course, no one is going to ask.
At the same time, responding to questions from the audience about how to resolve the conflict in the eastern provinces, he said that instead of frontal attacks need “vyschelkivat” militia leaders. Leading to the question of what it means to “vyschelkivat” D. Yarosh said – “physically eliminate”.
In this regard, the leader of the right-wing structure announced the formation of the new battalions – “Donbass-2” and “Donbass-3”, in addition to the already established battalion “Donbass-1”, for “the deployment of large-scale guerrilla warfare” in the Southeast.
As is known, a statement of the early formation of the battalion “Donbass-1” D. Yarosh announced April 23, 2014 at a press conference in Dnipropetrovsk: according to him, all the steps to create this department, which will include about 800 people, agreed with leadership of the National Security Council, the Security Service and Interior Ministry.
In this regard, he said that “moved his headquarters in Dnipropetrovsk, to amplify this outpost of Ukrainian statehood at the junction of the south and east” and thanked the governor oligarch Igor Kolomoisky for funding this unit, received the name of wit “Jewish shock battalion.”
“I am grateful to him for the support of our units. In politics we do not employ the money oligarchs, but when there is a war, we understand that this war is necessary resource support to our boys are not pouring blood in vain,” – said D. Yarosh.
Not far behind this figure and the other not less than O. Lyashko cartoon character behind which stretches plume homosexual scandals with billboards proclaiming slogans such as “I’ll bring Ukraine Crimea!” and “Death to the invaders”.
As instituted in circles “true democrats Khutoryanskaya with pitchforks” position on this bill Crimeans themselves, which Maidan Alliance ultra gay and forced to join the Russian, one does not take into account: they offered to just take the collar and “return Ukraine” to rescue from the unknown “occupiers.”
Moreover, according to media reports, this “blue radical candidate” personally directed the May 9, 2014 storm Mariupol, but an attempt to force capture of the city was a complete failure: O. Lyashko first retreated from the battlefield, triggering an exodus of other participants in punitive action.
However, the next day, May 10, 2014, on his Facebook page frustrated “conqueror of Mariupol” announced the formation of its own “pocket Army” according to him, he decided to “personally lead one of the volunteer battalions” for war in the Southeast, pompously calling it “Ukraine”.
According to media reports, today O. Lyashko as D. Jaros is on contentment tycoon J. Kolomoyskogo, money which, I suppose, and will be financed his own “army ludicrous.”
That’s just about knowing “leadership talent” O. Lyashko, soldiers of this unit definitely need to lean on regulations to run to keep up with his boss, when he, with his pants will skedaddle out of the combat zone.
And at the same time – stock up on Vaseline, knowing about THE VASELINE WARRIORS unconventional sexual preferences of their employer, which in this respect acts as a visual spokesman notorious “European values.”
Given the same journey together right sectors and the Radical Party from Evromaydana to Donbass Uslan Nazi runes and rubber products number two, they should be combined into a single political force with a formidable name “Game combat Bandera buggers.”
The emblem of the party you want an image of bearded women Conchita Wurst – whether the winner, or the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014.
Slogans of the newly formed party would look absolutely logical slogans “Sala pravosekam – horseradish homosexual,” “Glory sodomy – death the family!” and “Sodomy – above all”.
In the case of intra-party squabbles, almost inevitable in Ukrainian political realities, it is recommended to use against each other chants “Who does not jump – he Ljashko!” and “Banderyaku – Gilyaks on!” followed by the massacre.
 Правосеки Яроша и гомосеки Ляшко как ударный отряд боевых бандеровских педерастов

Political columnist press service PSPU Victor Silenko


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