Resolutions submitted to the UN reflect west’s hysterical attempts to influence elections in Syria- SANA, Syria

New York, SANA Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari said that the western and Arab draft resolutions submitted recently to the Security Council and the UN General Assembly reflect the hysteric state of the countries pushing them in their attempts to influence the presidential elections in Syria.

Speaking to al-Mayadin TV on Friday, al-Jaafari said that the French resolution submitted under the name of “criminal justice” is far removed from that concept; rather it was tailored to target Syria politically, adding that the western states pushing this resolution to a vote despite knowing that there’s a Russian-Chinese veto against it shows the western hypocrisy in dealing with the crisis in Syria and their attempts to embarrass Russian and China using the humanitarian issue.

He noted that hypocrisy at the Security Council continues, with Britain drafting a resolution on the humanitarian issue in Syria alongside some western countries and some states that are Arabic in name only.

Al-Jaafari asserted that western states are a primary element of the crisis in Syria, and that these states are finally acknowledging the presence of terrorists in Syria to keep up with reality, but this is merely a tactical step, not a strategic step.

He noted that the US isn’t part of the International Criminal Court (ICC), and therefore has no right to lecture anyone about this issue, noting that the US always ensures that any draft resolution related to it does not prosecute US soldiers for the war crimes they committed around the world.

Syria’s representative said that the US delegation brought a perjurious witness to the Security Council session is both a formal infringement and an attempt to turn attention away from reality, asserting that the ICC is a politicized entity tailor-made to extort and pressure third-world countries.

Al-Jaafari said that the western countries’ actions prove that they don’t want the crisis in Syria to end, as they want to create a constitutional vacuum in it which they can exploit and exert pressure on Syria and portray it as a failure, all for the sake of undermining the concept of sovereignty which no-one can overstep, even in the field of humanitarian aid.

He asserted that the UN General Secretariat continuously and deliberately distorts facts by falsifying reports from its bodies operating in Syria, presenting misleading and incorrect data to the Security Council, adding that Syria drew the attention of the Secretary-General and his chief aides to this, but they refrained from doing anything about it.

“The public opinion mistakenly believes that the UN is a legal body that protects rights and preserves international security and peace and a charity that loves the poor and helps people, but this is no longer applicable to reality at all, because the United States operates on the basis that the UN is its political arm which it uses to score points for its personal interests,” he said.

Al-Jaafari concluded by saying that Syria doesn’t care about the name of the new envoy the UN intends to send to it; rather it cares about the significance and content, and in the end, any replacement of Lakhdar Brahimi should be assigned after consulting with the Syrian government.


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