Donetsk Update 26 May 2014

achischat Donetsk sent snipers
16:34 / 26.05.2014

Photo: GLOBAL LOOK press
Donetsk International Airport are fights between locals and the Kiev Natsgvardiey. During the clashes used heavy artillery, snipers are operating, which Kiev sent to sweep the city.

“In the vicinity of the airport intensive shooting from heavy machine guns. According to the Ukrainian militia among many military snipers” – said in a Twitter microblog Donetsk People’s Republic.

In addition, representatives of the DNR previously reported that in the sky above the Donetsk airport helicopter was shot down Ukrainian army. According to some reports, the security forces bombed the airport from the air. We know that about the runway after the shell hit lit warehouse. Presumably, this ammunition depot Natsgvardii detachment stationed at the airport.

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According to recent data, landed at the airport landing, which currently produces coins sweep. According to the press officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Alexey Dmitrashkovskogo, “ATU operation began with a pair of call SU-25 in the area of ​​the airport. They made a warning shot in the area of ​​deployment.” In response were fired “from all kinds of weapons.”

In addition, it was reported that three attack helicopters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine hit factory “Tochmash”. Information about the victims yet. Stir in the center of Donetsk and all entrances to the international airport blocked traffic police.

As previously wrote Dni.Ru, DNR representatives on Monday night came on the airport grounds, demanding the withdrawal of Ukrainian military guarding the inner perimeter of the airport. Airport from 8:00 am Moscow time suspend flights. Later, the media reported that the airport is occupied by armed men, and Ukrainian military left the building. Gosaviasluzhba Ukraine stated that imposed a ban on flights to Donetsk to 19:00 Moscow time Monday.ORIGINAL
Sunday morning on the walls near the Ukrainian Embassy in Tel Aviv were found leaflets with large inscription “The Punisher”, the text of which reads: “Citizens in an armed coup Ukrainian state essentially captured by a gang of fascists who rob, torture and kill people. In core “right sector” ideology of Nazism in the interpretation of Ukrainian elite Nazi Punisher Stepan Bandera. ”

Hereinafter leaflets in three languages ​​(Russian, Ukrainian and Hebrew) present information about the activities of Banderivtsy
during the Second World War. The text is illustrated with photographs of those years.
The civil war in Ukraine the study and examination of the Jewish credible fears of bandera ideaology taking root in Kiev, still remembering the events of 1941. The distinction between Jews and Zionists could hardly be more pronounced. How could anyone calling themselves a Jew support banderaites? Zionists often pose as Jews, however they only use it (religion) for political and economic reasons.


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