As western media outlets  continually  portray the patriots in SE Ukraine as “terrorists” the truth is that these men and women  are patriots fighting for their homeland, families  and preservation of cultural identity.
They join the militia from all walks of life; automobile plant workers, coal miners, fathers, grandfathers, sons and daughters joining together to fight the foreign controlled junta in Kiev which has unleashed the dogs of war in their pursuit of selfish interests using the bandera worshiping thugs of right_sector to commit acts of murder and genocide.  The following is a translated transcipt of an interiew with a man who’s sacred honor called him to duty. Remember someday when the NWO comes to your country you will be called a terrorist for resisting tyranny.


The Parliament of Donetsk National Republic approved the selection of  Ministers The Civil Service Security is headed by Alexander Khodakovsky

Interview with Alexander Khodakovsky  commander of  “Vostok” or “East” battalion, who also  took part in the battle for the Prokofiev International Airport in  Donetsk.
Civil Service Security director Alexander Khodakovsky was until March 2014
commander of the Ukrainian  Government  “Alpha” SBU, and the  highest-ranking security official yet to join the People’s Republic of Donetsk. In early May, he began to form a battalion “Vostok” – the official armed forces of the DNR, and  most efficient division.
The battalion has participated in several  major defensive battles in Donbass and in particular the battle for control of the airport at Donetsk. On the prospects of the DNR, the everyday life of the battalion “Vostok”, about the battle at the airport and about their personal motives Khodakovsky said in an interview.

Alexander, why name  the battalion – “Vostok”? Immediately there is an association with the Chechen battalion “Vostok” that existed before 2008.

– Just decided to be original. We’re still east of Ukraine. Number was originally the size of a battalion, so it was  well defined – a battalion.
Tolstoy* (considered to be the first modern  war correspond covered the Crimean War) He said: “War can be a strange thing; a battalion at war can sometimes be stronger than a  division and sometimes – weaker than a  company.” Everything depends on the morale and  readiness for self-sacrifice.
As for the Chechens, they were really there. Now there are none. It was a twenty-something man, less than 30. Now none. We asked them to return to their historic homeland, not to confuse the local population.

– It is now more than a battalion?

– Much more. We have been creating new battalions.

– Are not you afraid that this “Chechen” name scare Ukrainian population? It is convenient to use in propaganda. You called – Chechen battalion.

– If we talk about the people outside of DNR – do not need to frighten them. They are already intimidated by the Ukrainian media, which is already affiliated and biased. One superimposed on the other fiction – it will not change anything.

Are  locals well aware of what is happening here.

– In general,  are there a lot of Russian people?

– A little less than 1 percent. By the way, Russia does not welcome their participation. They crossed here in violation of the Russian border.

– And from other regions of Ukraine?

– Kharkiv, Odessa, Nikolaev, Kherson, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye. We have become the center of attraction. But 90 percent – from the Donbas.

– You have a serious weapons;  anti-aircraft guns, anti-tank “bassoon” MANPADS “Igla” how did you get these?

– Semi-military bases. We are not a military unit subordinated to their control. Thank the  Ukrainian army – supplies than can (laughs).

– You pay your people?

– No, people here do not get payed. Sometimes we get sponsors and distribute it to people somehow helped their families.

– From Poroshenko were promises that “the operation will take weeks, and watch.” When will fulfill these promises?

– These policies. They promise easy. And they will implement the common soldiers, which we will kill, and they will try to kill us. No we do not want. Neither do  they. Therefore, the task will execute Poroshenko not easy. Ukraine has put a lot of effort, even to cope with the Slavonic – yet we do not see results.

– You can predict the next actions of the Ukrainian security services? What will they do?

– Options for a bit. Only three. First, as they did not do anything and will not do. Stand on their positions. The second option would be taken troops. Or they will go to desperate attack useless. Find money somewhere to refuel its military technology, which stands with empty tanks. Maybe somewhere a couple suhpaykov will earn.

– Of the three options for what is most likely?

– Rock, Paper, Scissors (laughs). I can not say anything now.

– At the time, leaders promised military operation “surgical strikes in which civilians will not suffer.” As far as they are likely? The attack on the Luhansk Regional State Administration – this is their beginning?

– After the airport, I would not be surprised at anything. I was convinced that the Ukrainian government will not agree to the use of air in relation to the airport. Assumed a war of nerves. We wanted to make the airport a powerful group to dominate in this area, to control the runway. We are aware that through this airport supplied weapons and manpower of our enemy. Naturally, we had to stop it.

We have a “Needles”. But we did not even take them with you – did not expect that Ukraine will have enough sense to apply aviation. Still, the airport – this multi-billion dollar project. His only “Euro-2012” did. To what degree of cynicism need to reach to decide on it?

A Ukrainian government has decided abandon  principle. It was just a massacre of the innocents. Still aviabombardirovki – a dangerous thing.
Apparently, Kiev found that for him, the region lost. Accordingly, why protect it?

– Do you regret that we went there in the airport?

– Whose is it an expression of Mark Twain? Better to regret what you did than about what you did not. We were not going to kill anyone. We had an agreement with the military, who are guarding the airport, this Kirovograd brigade GRU. We put them on notice that we will be here, take control of dominant height and are not going to cause any harm. I told the commander of the Kirovograd, we carefully treat the lives of those military personnel who are our captured enemies. We notches on the machines do not. These are ordinary normal people, we do not want them dead.
                PRISONER RELEASE
But all these agreements were canceled by one party which has used aircraft.


Ultra mercenaries – they played the scenario Maidana, when shot in one, or the other way. To stimulate aggression. As a result, part of Kirovograd, realizing that it fired its well deployed anti-aircraft guns and shot the hell out of the sniper’s position, which was in the Mission Control Center.

– What kind of people that you call nationalists and mercenaries?

– The fact that forces loyal to Kiev rather disjointed. Have an army, which has its own sense of honor and ethics, which is not trained to fight against their own people. And fight against us they do not want.
And there are nationalists, of which form the battalions of the National Guard. It is filled with to stupor ideology people with Maidana and west of Ukraine. Ideological comrades who were simply received into the national guard. Ready to kill those who refuse.  Battalions “Dnepr”, “Azov”, “Donbass” is not guided by any rules. They have an enemy, and they use  all available means fighting this enemy. All under the knife. (recent example was the slaughter of patients at a hospital at Lyn editor note)

Here, for example, as it was in Mariupol. (Khodakovsky meant clashes in Mariupol May 9, which killed about ten people – approx. Ed.) Was formed by a gang of such ideological comrades, are civilians,which was only  declared as national guard.  Two days before the event, the number of the 7th, the head of the Eastern territorial command of internal troops  Mr. Swan gave them at the disposal  of the domestic forces in Mariupol. Those two days arrived, dressed in national guard uniforms without any documents received all the weapons brought weapons to fight at some landfill. And on May 9 showed us what they can do. People were shooting anywhere and anybody.
– Supporters of the DNR often talk about foreign mercenaries who allegedly fought against you. Who are these people, how many mercenaries here and do you have any evidence of their presence?

– How many of them, I find it difficult to say, but we’re on the air during a fight constantly hear foreign callsigns, an English speech. They talk to each other, give orders.

This is primarily snipers. And pilots, I think it is also foreigners. Hard to imagine that Ukrainian aviators with their scanty training  could perform such a high-level aerobatics.

Mercenaries – are a  special breed. Whether  Americans or Russian. These are people who lack  any moral or ethical standards.

For the money they are willing to kill anyone. They are not limited by any of the rules. There are also international conventions that involve attitude to the wounded, the dead. We still can not pick up their dead from the airport. Can you imagine that happening? Warm weather …

– Are there many corpses  there?

– I think not less than ten.

– How many casualties  did your battalion suffer on 26 May, during the fight, and in the following days?

– From 60 to 70 people. Inaccurate, because we can not determine the fate of those people we found ourselves missing from their ranks.

– Do you think that the situation is a stalemate? Neither Kiev can not crush you or you can not get rid of the army?

– The situation is really a stalemate. And it undermines the possibility of a political solution to the conflict. If someone has dominated, in the dominant hand inevitably there would be a desire to realize their potential. And so it is possible to negotiate. Us from Kiev do not need much. Only that they leave the confines of our region.

– Kiev can it go? After all, there sure Donbass – region of Ukraine.

– He will be forced to go for it. Because we believe otherwise. You can safely and peacefully disperse and remain friends. And you can shed so much blood, which then in all ages will not pay.

– How do you see the future of Donbass? This part of Ukraine, part of Russia, an independent state?

– Veiled answer: Donbass not self-sufficient. He is very much integrated into the system of market relations between Ukraine and other countries, with Russia in particular. If we lived in a self sustained  economy, then we could talk about full autonomy …

Branched off from one economy to another must pripochkovatsya.

– There is a chance that the DNR will remain a part of Ukraine on the rights of some autonomy?

– Lets not  decide policy. Because people in the battalion apolitical. They went up in arms is not for something and against something. Against the prospect that awaits us.

– And what will happen Donbass, if he stays in Ukraine?

– The logic is simple. Forces that publicly declared democratic ways of developing countries, most undemocratic way came to power. Whatever you think of Yanukovych, he was the legitimate president. Unable to declare the same values ​​and behave quite differently and will not stand.
Assuming a rise to power, they have demonstrated how to act in the future – violating any laws, rules of decency, morality, ethics and everything else.
Plus they have demonstrated their servitude to America. Enlisting the support of America, they determined the future course of development of the country and the political course of the country. All south-east rose up against this future.
Means to be with America in the present circumstances, when there is a radical polarization of the world, to be against Russia. And as the southeast can be against Russia? We’re just trying to prevent the prospect of becoming an enemy of Russia.

– Do you think this prospect is real?

– Of course. Ukraine – a semi-Asiatic country. We do not need to hold a referendum to join or not to join NATO. Enough to plant pro-American president, plant pro-American military – and the whole country will be pro-American.

We gladly will pump all sorts of means to deal with a potential enemy (with Russia – approx. Ed.), We will become a serious threat to Russia. A south-east – part of the Russian world. The prospect of being against the Russian world does not suit us.
Russia must understand one simple fact. We here do not fight for themselves, we are fighting for Russia. By the way, it is very well aware of the Ossetians and Chechens. Everyone thinks that we are fighting for their selfish interests of some, but it is not.
We’re just a small segment in all of this redistribution. Just maybe, that we ax around which porridge cooked.

– When did you decide  to personally go over to the DNR?

– I’m at the Independence Party events. Led the division of Donetsk. (SBU-Alpha) We were there for a long time – you know how much all of these events lasted. We missed all these events through. And it’s so vividly reflected on us …
We did not use a weapon and did not intend to apply. Because basic dogma sounded so – our citizens there. As they threw  bottles, but we did not shoot. Because from the point of view of jurisprudence that would be excessive force.

Even when the plan is developed “clearing”  Trade Union  (Kiev February 19 – approx. Ed.), We have developed it to its detriment in terms of tactical bases, only to clear  all the people who were there. Them to avoid the threat of fire or explosion, because there was a lot of flammable materials and explosives. And we did everything to ensure that people are not killed.
And when came to power illegally those people who now call themselves this power, we were well aware that they are now using us to solve their problems.

I do not even know what to pick epithet to describe this condition. Only that we confronted them humanely – I can competently say that during the events in Kiev no live ammunition was not consumed. I like the unit commander could not imagine how I would execute decrees new leaders who have slandered us, defame after those events. We got less than “Berkut”, but still got. And the prospect that the power that came would make us fight with the protestors forced us to reconsider our place  here in this power structure.

– When did  resign your post at Alpha ?
– When I was given an unlawful order  Further fate of my personnel in relation to all these events is unknown to me.
Once here in March, the event started, we became participants of the public movement “Patriotic Forces of Donbass”.

Just when the trouble came, we have nothing left … If we had to deal with government units – the army, the police, the security forces – the dialogue would be on another level. But since there on the side, began to form “death squads” …. We have the right and obligation to defend itself from these people. Army will not have to cut. These will – without a doubt.

DNR question of not standing. For me DNR – is generally incomprehensible education, to be honest. The question was one edge. Came enemies – we must defend our land. As part of the DNI or under – no difference.

– Your former command knows you’re here?

– Of course.

– Tried to contact you?

– What’s the point? We are on opposite sides. They all understand, we all understand.

– Are not you afraid that your former colleagues in the “Alpha” will throw against you?

– Can throw. But it is their decision – to go or not to obey orders. In clashes with militias they have already entered – the truth, “alfachi” not from Donetsk, and from other regions. And the fight was Slovyansk. However, my good friends from Kiev and deputy head of a department, Sasha died. At the hands of militias. This is war. Everyone makes their own choices.

I warned them that there should not meddle. And not only warned – one of the leaders of the operation personally drove in Slavic, showed how well fortified city, how well equipped the people who keep the city’s defenses. That they have concluded that they are not three or four criminals with guns will take, and what they have to perform the work for which they are not ready.

– Are you  angry at the commander of Defense Igor Strelkov Sloviansk that at the hands of his men were killed your friends?

– We must understand that the arrow is fighting the last ten years (he was a volunteer in Transnistria, Bosnia – approx. Ed.). His attitude to such prosaic things. Fighting – then fighting. This is what we refer to the system of law and order. For us, the value of human life is much greater than for shooting.
But I can not blame him. It is in terms of military action, and it all – the enemies and opponents. Accordingly, he did what he thought was right. Imagine militias, which runs column. Naturally, they react. As a result of death, injury. Of “Alpha”, killing at least three people.



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