Donbass Militia Status Report from Igor Strelkov

“In two days. 2 “drying” and 3 turntables.


One has already burnt out, second, lying on her side and never will fly, and the third (Mi-24), to be joined this morning, fell and burned in the area of Slavonic Resort.

Confirm down yesterday TWO su-25. One fell towards the Red Estuary, the second – to the North of Slavyansk saw ejected pilot).

Yesterday in the battle of Semenovka killed the commander of the battalion 95th airmobile brigade.

Today the Semenovka strafed and bombed the whole day. Applied even howitzers caliber 240-mm Alternately hollowed that howitzer, the storm troopers.

We have two wounded. Shoot ukry guns are really bad, but after yesterday’s storm troopers below 3 km not omitted and, accordingly, to get too will not can.”


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