SK RF Opens Criminal Cases on Junta Atrocities… Turchinov Issues Empty Boasts… Rostov Oblast Opens Its Arms to Battle-Scarred Refugees

Voices from Russia

00 novorossiya 01 refugees. 05.06.14

Refugees from the war… do you note how much Zbig and Nuland care for THEM? BASTARDS!


Opolchenie leader Igor Strelkov told RIA-Novosti that junta forces resumed shelling in Slavyansk and continued military operations on Tuesday evening, “The situation is very difficult for us. Our opponents constantly use planes against us, 2-3 strike fighters at a time (changing the flights as they work with several airfields), and 6-7 combat helicopters. A battery of Uragan rocket launchers heads our way, and Grad rocket launchers already fired on Semyonovka today. The number of self-propelled and conventional howitzers above 122 mm is already well over fifty {that’s the artillery component of a single division: editor}, I won’t even start to count the mortars. The opponent’s goal is to close a ring around Slavyansk once and for all”. Witnesses reported explosions around Semyonovka in the suburbs of Slavyansk. There were also clashes between opolchenie…

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