In an ancient book that described the Laws of Civilizationa there was a reference to an historical oddity which could favorably be compared to the de facto state of war that the US and its partners have declared upon Russia. It is a known and accepted knowledge that nation states which engage in trade are statistically less likely to be at war.
By attempting to impose your hegemonic doctrines you have proven and indisputablely heightened the chances for the kind of war that all of


mankind and humanity  loses. Furthermore It is indisputable that your central bank is a privately held and owned bank which like its spawn of chase b of a and other large and well known cases of financial fraud and in many cases forced to pay large fines for their criminal misdeeds which is and was the tip of the ice berg and that iceberg has a  name.
And at this time the Armed Forces of the United States have been consigned as no longer a Constitutionally mandated body having been created for the Self Defense of the nation but rather in a cynical attempt to forestall the collape of the banking cabal which has purchased washington dc. and threatens world peace.
The alliance and provocative actions with and of NATO is further proof that the defensive nature has become offensive and fails to recognize Russia as a nation sovereign and independent; instead pursing a delusional goal of isolating the worlds largest country which was in fact a de facto attempt to impose banker fines for Russia having lawfully charted a course of independence which as not only a country but a Civilization she has every right to do.



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