Good people! We ask for your help.
I and my four children, residents of our “independence.” We have become hostages of our European state. We lived a quiet and measured life and did not even think that we would be called terrorists and occupiers, and we did not have nothing to capture and just lived and worked. And now we Do not know what we do to drop everything and run away from his own power, thank God Russia close and very friendly and kind people. We ask that you don `t care if you please respond, but no harm in trying. We are going with children in Rostov on Don, and more relatives in Novosibirsk, but to get finance, etc. not. I was advised to try to let people understand God, pray and help. Sorry I do not write clearly, but now even think normally can not. Our children for us all and I and any mother would understand and forgive me.


God forbid you do not feel this way that we are experiencing. And God bless you and forces. And ask God to health and strength of our southeastern Army. Thank you. You are holy.
Sorry for the fact that I was forced to beg our favorite government.
God will judge them.
Yandex money. 410012346906179
QIWI WALLET 4890 4942 5231 2905




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