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00 Igor Strelkov 01. 14.06.14


They criticise Donetsk People’s Republic Defence Minister I I Strelkov… and that criticism is quite vehement. Pro-junta Ukrainians curse him, calling him “Putin’s damned KGB-man”, “GRU spook”, “murderer”, and “terrorist”. In Moscow, highbrow critics shake their heads, regretting that a “romantic” and “re-enactor” leads the Donbass opolchenie. Firstly, you should attend to the first and second accusations. They’re outright lies. They lie about Strelkov having been in the KGB or the GRU, not to even mention him being a “murderer” and “terrorist”. Igor never served in the KGB and GRU… he’s a retired counterintelligence officer. Sorry, you cunning and wise Moscow know-alls, Strelkov wasn’t a gaybist*. Apparently, they thought that he was a paunchy cussing red-faced “empty suit” in a general’s uniform with fancy braid. Somehow, they don’t realise that years of stern service and participation in at least four recent armed conflicts are behind the polite “romantic/re-enactor” façade. However…

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