Ukrainian punishers shot guns temple Seraphim of Sarov (VIDEO)
Yesterday, 23:07
“Novoross.info” – pro-American Avengers Kiev junta shot from heavy artillery Orthodox church of St. Seraphim of Sarov, located in Cherevkovke. Completely destroyed the chapel and refectory.


According militia Cherevkovku fired 122-millimeter shells from the D-30 howitzers. This is not the first time the Ukrainian military destroy civilian objects.
May 26 during the shelling of the neighborhood Artem Slovyansk militants natsgvardii a mine explosion killed a woman who was near the temple Reigning Mother of God. The temple itself also suffered. Shrapnel from mines windows were broken, damaged one side of the facade and destroyed the church fence.


Ukrainian punishers break all the rules of war – they shoot civilians, firing on residential areas, hospitals, churches, schools and kindergartens. According to the American puppet, Ukraine conducted the attack on two fronts – and military information.
“Its main component – this is information warfare, brainwashing the people of Lugansk and Donetsk regions. A former criminals in power, from the ex-president to the commander of interior troops in the territory of the Russian Federation to mobilize, disburse militants and weapons, created a terrorist organization, marauding and send them to fight against their own people, “- said Nalyvaychenko.
But he said the main danger outlook and basis of resistance – “Orthodox fundamentalism.”


“The danger is that this confession as a new wave of Orthodoxy – Orthodox fundamentalism. This is a dangerous ideology that is used in this hybrid war, “- said the chairman of the Ukraine  SBU.



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