Rostov Oblast Admitted 122,000 Refugees… Junta Claims It’s Closing Border with Russia (When It Doesn’t Even Control Most of It)

Voices from Russia

00 refugees. rostov oblast. russia. 11.06.14


On Monday, ITAR-TASS reported that the latest figures released show that Rostov Oblast admitted more than 122,000 Ukrainian refugees fleeing besieged towns across the border. Sergei Tyurin, head of the Rostov Oblast information policies department, said that some 70,000 hadn’t returned home. Some of those displaced went further into Russia to meet relatives, friends, and volunteers. Others are in camps and recreation centres. Over the 24 hours of 15-16 June, Tyurin said that 13,166 people arrived in the area, noting an increasing flow of refugees.


On Sunday, according to ITAR-TASS according to ITAR-TASS, Colonel General M V Koval, the junta’s so-called “Defence Minister”, claimed that the junta is going close its border with Russia next week, alleging, “The armed forces jointly with border guards have already closed 250 kilometres of the Ukrainian-Russian border. It will take several days more to close the entire border {this statement is false…

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