Counter-Revolution in Ukraine


1) The economy is in a state of collapse with expenditures far in excess of income.
2) General and widespread disillusioned populace which has seen changes only for the worse and an increasing rate of joblessness with inflation and shortages of basic commodities.
3) Casualities brought about by the intercine warfare mounting with no goals being met.
4) Leadership which is viewed with mistrust and in place not by the will of popular support but by foreign powers.
5) Failure to draw Russia into the conflict thus giving no enemy other than the people.
6) A failed vision for the future other than never-ending civil war and rejection by the European population centers of the extremist and ultra-nationalist groups which are the power base #svoboda.
7) Loss of Ukrainian naval assets and a dwindling of military supplies of armament and ammunition combine to produce non-sustainability for a protracted engagement.
Time is running out for the junta and soon it will totally collapse from within as increasing numbers of military desert and defect to the side of Novorossia.
Ultimately poroshenko and his fractured junta will be seen for what they are; international criminals and will be tried and convicted for their war-crimes.
Warning to all who fight on the side of this diseased “government” You will be held accountable and prosecution awaits.

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