Kiev is a place of
1) Religious intolerance.
22 June 2014 member or supporters of  #UkrainianOrthodoxChurch (a rival to the state sanctioned and controlled Kyivan Patriarchate headed by an excommunicated and disgrunted figure by the name of denysenko)


preparing to engage in peaceful protest against #ATO in SE Ukraine and also  opposing the #EU membership goals which the junta has mandated. 
2) Political dissent is not allowed in this new “democratic” Ukraine and anytime a group of citizens expresses


disagreement there descends a swarm of barbarians who having been “knighted” these  right_sector inspired young cretins  operate as a brown shirt brigade of fascist force. 
Having gathered at a UNESCO World Heritage site and listed as one of


Ukraines 7 wonders of the world Kiev Pechersk Lavra an enclave first founded in the 12th century . An unruly mob quickly dispel the retreating police knocking down
kicking and beating a law



enforcement officer to the ground and swarming around him like crazed minions from hell; with his life spared this time. The officer received assistance from what  appears to be 

a pro Russian spectator.  As in other incidents the police appear to be under orders not to prevent or interfere in the criminal activities of the mob . Watch as the mob turns violent with resulting damages while they hurl rocks and


break windows at pro Russian business concerns and what appears as random acts of vandalism with malicious intent.


One young thug  is seen raising a police shield as though he was in battle.
Surprisingly neither john mc cain or


victoria nuland were seen at this egregious display of public vulgarity and yet another result of having abandoned the rule of law and civilization itself; the fascist junta does not accept responsibility for this latest in a long list of provocations as expected they disavow direct connection; however from statements and officially released hostile plans and policies (cleansing of sub-humans) and the (creation of filtration camps) it is clear they have fostered the ugly and threatening climate of life in #Nulandstan for anyone brave enough to challenge the totalitarian iron fisted rule of the wicked “queen” victoria nuland.
For those pitiful and hypocritical apologists who have mistaken anarchy and fascism  for democracy and continue to defend the indefensible by supporting the criminal regime of poroshenko ask yourself is this the kind of place you would want to live in? 


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