Understanding Western Propaganda

A “pro Russia separtist” is a designation for people. Or as nato countries, which fail to recognize even the humanity of over 6 million human beings currently residing in Donbass Oblast Ukraine [SE]  and vicinity   refer to as “sub-human”.
What makes the people pro-Russian is simply Russia is a Civilization and as such includes a   cultural heritage which embraces and celebrates the Orthodox faith.


People who for ideaological reasons deem them as untermensch are often times members of a synod known as the Uniate based in Kiev.
Because the current head of this extremist group (he has served as a dark spiritual force much like a saudi whahabbi accomplishes with making the takfiri beheaders) also used by the west as proxy forces to wage a bloody war in Syria; was once a part of the Orthodox wider community and broke ties with the Orthodox prelate in Russia by means of church expulsion.


Which brings us to today to explain denysenko as not so much a spiritual leader as a tool the western powers use to infuse control over their troops. Rather than follow the cross he has chosen to follow the political appeasments and trappings; being seen kneeling before joe biden the  american swine who fancies himself as a medeviel king  whenever in Kiev.
The vestiges and mitre of the crumbling coup isn’t much to hang onto but its denyshenkos only way to


seek his vengeance upon those that he considers to have wronged him and spread the Uniate church as Orthodox churches are being intentionally targeted by Ukrainian army howitzer shells  and taken over by his new knights right_sector thugs.


Yes; to be pro Russia means to be pro civilization and pro Christian and this persecution; these fiery barbs of the adversary hurled by the  godless west are in themselves testimony that in Christ we are one; not sub-human.


During what was supposed to be a cease fire 18 June denyshenko urged his mutated army of thugs, foreign mercenaries and conscripts {forced to join these forces from hell, or be imprisoned for 15 years;} on in a crazed bloodlust by the damned against the innocent peace-loving PEOPLE OF DONBASS.


Christianity will survive and the evil will be recompensed; for that which ye sow surely ye will reap.  
For serving the “state” and in this case I must use that term loosely In order to define a fractured and ineffectual regime of incompetent oliogarchs ruled over by a group of insane zealots from the synagogue of satan ie.


US State Dept. who even now are attempting more evil in the region (nuland visits Odessa 16 June ) as they seek to cause a war between Russia and nato which although the united states will be destroyed; its for israhells greater good the delusional future capital of the “new world order”.


These psychopaths who view themselves as supermen or as their cult leader termed “ubermensch” have no regard for anyones humanity and this includes yours. They are like a cancer which must and will be cut out, humanitys’ future hangs in the balance. 

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