Ukrainian schoolgirl essay.


I was a student of approximately
Together with hundreds of other children
About the war, as you probably
Knew only from the news.

I do not know if I see all I
Again this fall at their desks:
Paid a lot of life
For the fate of the political map.

I do not know what laws,
By what rules so black,
We were once native peoples
Forced to hate each other.

Again asked to write an essay
“How I spent bygone summer?”
I’m in tears, with a lump in the throat, excitement
Our thoughts seeking clearance.

Me something to write with red stitching???
About basements where mom hid us?
Tanks and noise day and night?
Pools of blood that dripped with wounded??

Write in paint can about the explosions,
Wild fear of mine fire???
About Prayer “saved” in the breaks?
And for those who did not manage to escape??

Sleep, country! Without trying to wake up,
Landed you in the evil network
Do not come back to you
Grizzled childhood children.

Well, I, an ordinary schoolgirl
Writing keen
Here I write to you to remember:
“My summer stole war” …


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