#SaveDonbasFromNaziAmerika #EndNaziOccupationNovorossyia
Using “pinpoint”laser guided  sattelite targeting (supplied by NATO)   the “Amerikan Axis” of  occupational forces under the direction of CIA HQ Kiev are seen in film footage engaging in
Crimes of the junta systematic


destruction of civilian infrastructure including “high density housing”-   in a campaign of terror; ignoring and refusing to comply with all international “norms” and ratified treaties concerning the laws of the bellicose;
WHITE PAPER summation with their junta government having become the exact reason for them having been implemented by the (183 member United Nations); in the first place!
#poroshenko is a  modern day -“poster child”- a model of reason for the prohibitions of war crimes having been necessitated from the foundation of the UN.
Indeed what was the  1947 creation of the United Nations done for in the first place?  Peace in Europe played an important role after the crimes against humanity were exposed. 

Sadly; the lawful role  of the UN and its relevancy  has been compromised and  is increasingly being subverted by NATO,


(NATO has now assumed the role of deciding the legitimacy of worldwide national (as well presumably local elections) confirmed by Von Rassmussen -(cuurrent field marshal) pronouncements concerning elections in Ukraine) .
The   EU Commissioner Kathryn Ashton is recorded in conversation with Eastonian Foriegn Minister Ayett conspiring to continue direct support of a coup D’ eat in Ukraine and the cover-up of murders of both Berkut and protestors from the same weapon.


video of conversation
The “five eyes nations”  with their attendant and obedient satellite regimes in France and elsewhere; control of the “free press” (used as a criminal shield) are attempting their delusional quest (see Don Quixote and his searches as well as Napoleon and Hitler )  for a uni-polar world.  
US caught planning terror attacks in Ukraine


France a country who once gallantly fought fascism and withstood the Nazi occupation now being led by a dog (#hollande) into supporting fascism and  #genocide in Europe directed against Russians;  and also terrorism #beheading  in Syria directed against the secular state of Syria;


what (western leaders of the past considered important to defend; they now attack the Honorable President of Syria- Bashar Al-Assad who protects all his citizens no matter their religion. 


#Christianity) to and including the direct aim of killing “every Christian in the Levant” as stated by fatwahs issued by those brandishing weapons made in USA and distributed by  France.


Hollande supports the terrorists in Syria even to and including the beheading of priests, crucifixion of innocent civilians, abduction of Archbishops because of their religious beliefs which was another reason for the United Nations in the first place.


Frances compromised government is  a sort of modern day “Vichy swine government.” I’m sure Charles De Gaulle would be shocked and saddened to see what his sacrifices and those of his countrymen have wrought. 


Were our grand-mothers and grand-fathers alive today (and many still are)  saw these shocking and criminal acts of aggression targeted against innocent civillians by a  puppet state Puppet State definition bandera worshipping, fascist, criminally insane despotic regime  in Kiev,   I don’t think they would approve and wonder why we all did nothing to prevent it. 




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