Heros of Donbas militia awarded posthumously

Comment by Paul Gubareva, 26.06.2014.


Semenovka, 3 June. Two military friend militia, two modern Panfilova as a few decades ago, their ancestors, managed to keep the iron storm Nazi armored vehicles. Holding the front line of defense. Face to face with banderowski scum. Fought desperately, darting from one firing point to another. No retreat, no surrender. The North and Roma. In civilian life – Glory and Volodya.

The day before June 3, Semenovka, later nicknamed “the new Stalingrad”, frontline correspondent asked them what they fight? You know, immediately clear when a person says a speech, and when his words. The text seems to be the same, but the content is quite different. Heard when the voice of the soul sounds.
And the next day they took their military cross. In one trench, firing ukrowska irons from antiquated anti-tank guns. Still on them fired mortar, “drying” hedge-hopping into the asphalt around that fired the infantry. The last tank already a few steps, a few more seconds, passing fighters. Probably, it is not a shame it would be to leave the position and retreat to a more middle line. But they remained and shot. Used up every round almost all ammunition and stopped iron creature. And went to our high celestial hosts.

Two St. George cross, two cast in silver recognition of Supreme courage. From co-workers. From commanders. From the people of Donbass…

Today I had the most emotional day in the life…
I was handed over to the relatives of North and Gypsy posthumous George’s crosses.
Reading text from the data sheet, I had tears… tears for men of Donbass:

“As a result of competent team work, vzaimodejstvuet with other calculations ATGM and NCVS, was stopped breakthrough of enemy armored vehicles in C. Semenivka through the first line of defense. And, even after several direct hits tanks, commander of calculation, together with his calculation, remained in the position until such time as a hit from the tank was not destroyed his next firing point, resulting died a heroic death, not having passed positions.”

Glory and Volodya such names. Polices with the world and you heavenly Kingdom”.



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