The words and mantra “isolate Russia” is much more than a blundering aspect of US foreign policy; it also serves perhaps more effectively as a tool to keep citizens from engaging in the “forbidden” exercise of maintaining a “proper respect for the opinions of mankind”- due to the built in warning from a roguish government desperately attempting to shield itself from scrutiny by an otherwise beyond their control Free Press. 
Think about the inherent warning “We are isolating Russia”-and the underlying subliminal message to citizens is “do not engage with Russia or Russian people.” 
A fear generated maxim of shielding the US government (NWO) from the prevailing opinions of mankind from being discussed by its own citizens.
As far as actually isolating Russia (diplomatically, economically)  which on the surface it obstensibly conveys;  the plan is laughable, however it does appear to effectivly nullify and chill the Declaration of Independence and Jeffersons admonition.
Unlike so many who have swallowed this “fear pill”; I continue to have a respect for the opinions of mankind including those within the worlds largest country-Russia.
In addition I am glad to have counted as my friends many Russian citizens and place high value on  the enrichment of their friendship as a rewarding experience.
Engage Russia and engage the world; follow the Declaration of Independence and Jefferson and reject and discard the NWO attempt to shield their criminality from your view.
When the elites in washington use the word “we” as though they identify with  or represent the viewpoints of the common man ask yourself why they have not included Jefferson and why are they afraid that you will.



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